Principal's Message

Dear Crosby High School Students, Parents and Families:


Welcome to Crosby High School!  The time has come to start a brand new school year. As we reflect upon and celebrate the great accomplishments of Crosby High School during the previous school yearwe can clearly show that our school’s academic performance continues to rise. The academic successes of our students with the support of our teachers and parents have put the school on a path toward greatness.


Crosby High School’s rigorous curriculum is the foundation that will prepare all of our students for future endeavors.  To do this, we offer a variety of academic programs: Academic Choice for Excellence (ACE), Advanced Placement (AP), UCONN ECE(Early College Experience), Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program, after-school tutoring and support classes. It is essential that every learner’s needs are being met.


When addressing the needs of every learner, we must provide effective and appropriate supports. Our administrators, counseling staff and career center personnel are here to meet your needs and support you and your child in your efforts.


At Crosby High School we strive to provide the best educational experience possible. Our instructors work diligently every day; guiding your child on a path that will give him/her the skills necessary for a productive future in college or career after high school. The curriculum is relevant and rigorous and the standards of achievement remain high-we cannot afford to lower the bar.  Our students must be able to compete not only with students in Waterbury or Connecticut; our students must be able to compete with students across the globe. Your children deserve a world class education, and at Crosby High School he/she will receive it.


I strongly encourage you to communicate and collaborate with your child’s teachers and take advantage of the support service staff members to ensure your child’s academic, social and emotional needs are being met at Crosby High School. 


In closing, I look forward to another fantastic year at CrosbyHigh School.  Go Bulldogs!


Every student, every day, a success


Mrs. Jade L. Gopie


Crosby High School
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Waterbury , CT 06705
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