4th Grade Teachers

Class picture of the 4th grade

Ms. Sinopoli    Mrs. Cruz  Mrs. Burgess  Mr. Marcano

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Our Class Mission statement:

Accept challenges when they come up, persevere when things get tough, and be responsible and considerate of others.

Some basic things you can do to increase your child's success:  We encourage your child to read every night for a minimum of twenty minutes.  Studies have shown children who read on a regular basis increase their vocabulary and levels of comprehension.

Daily practice of math facts is imperative as most skills in the fourth grade are built upon previously acquired skills.  Your child's mastery of their multiplication facts will aid greatly in their ability to comprehend and master the fourth grade curriculum.

Homework is assigned on a daily basis and is expected to be completed.

Friday packets are sent home which include work completed in class, homework, quizzes, tests as well as, comments on your child's effort and behavior.

As always, the success of your child is a collaborative effort, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our school email or by calling the school at 574-8182.  Phone calls or emails will be promptly returned.

4th grade teachers 

Mrs. Burgess

Ms Sinopoli

Mr. Marcano

Mrs. Cruz