Principal's Message

Dear Driggs' Community,


I hope that everyone is staying healthy during this pandemic. We are here to service you and your child's academic needs. It is critical that we work together on making sure that your child gets what he or she needs. The best steps to take is to get the students to come into school. Yes it looks differently now, but your child is expected to be engaged with academics 3.5 hours per day. This can be all online with the teacher, all online with the posted assignments. I-ready, Happy Numbers, Science HMH and Wonders are a great way to start with the asynchronous learning,learning that is done at students' and families' convenience without the teacher. Remember that physical education, art, music and media/ library also has posted work as well that will count towards your child's 3.5 hours per day engagement. 


If you are having difficulty with technology, please email me, and I will do everything I can to help you.


Please reach out to me with anything that the school may be able to help you with.




Mr. Theriault

Driggs Elementary School
77 Woodlawn Terrace
Waterbury , CT 06710
Phone: 203.574.8160

Fax: 203.574.8299