Principal's Page

Principal's Page

Mr. Erik Brown


Dear Parent (s) /Guardian (s),


     Welcome to this 2018-2019 school academic year!  A few helpful hints to remember for a great start:


    (1) Please remember to keep all information such as phone numbers and addresses, in the office updated throughout     the year in the case of any emergency relating to your child.   

    (2) Make certain that all physicals have been done or you've made the appointment for the doctor prior to October 1st.

    (3) Please schedule an appointment to see the nurse with any medical information such as any medications, allergies,     asthma or any other medical concerns we need to be made aware.  

    (4) Introduce yourselves to your child's teachers a few times throughout the first few weeks of school so they can             recognize you upon sight.  

    (5) Review with your child how he/she gets home daily and follow up with your child's teacher.  

    (6) Just a note, school begins at 8:35 and ends 2:50.  Breakfast is served at 8:05 and all children may have breakfast.       Please plan all doctor's appointments and arrange your schedules around your child's academic schedule.

    (7) Establish a routine for your child that includes 10 - 13 hours of uninterrupted sleep nightly and try not to veer to far     off that schedule on weekends and holidays.  That will reduce behavior issues.

    (8) Review with your child respect and manners as they will be enforced in school.

    (9) Have your child's school uniform clean, pressed, out and ready the night before school from head to toe.

    (10 Wish your child a good day at school every morning and review their day when they come home. Alert the school       at your earliest convenience with any compliments or concerns.


    Although we have other recommendations these top ten will help you get off to a great start.  Use this checklist and let us know if it was actually helpful once you get through it. We look forward to working with you this year and appreciate the faith you bestow on us with providing your child their elementary education experience.  

    Our Parent liaison, Maria Hulse, plans an exorbitant amount of activities throughout the year. You will love them. Every one of them is with your family at the forefront of the planning process. Please attend!  And, the School calendar has the dates for report card conferences and holidays. Take some time to review it so you can fit us in around your busy schedules.  It is available online and in the student handbook which will be issued to your child to bring home sometime during the first few months of school.


    Welcome to our Kindergarteners to the 102nd year of the illustrious history of Kingsbury School which continues to serve as a leader in educating the children of the Waterbury Community.   We anticipate a great year but only with your assistance.  


    Oh, final note: Keep in touch, stay involved, send your child to school daily and speak positively about the adults in the school when around your child.  We promise the same to you, in return.



Mr. Erik Brown, Principal

F.J Kingsbury Elementary School
220 Columbia Blvd
Waterbury, CT 06710
Phone: 203.574.8172

Fax: 203.573.6644