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Library Media/Art/Physical Education/Music


  • Access your Google Classroom to find weekly Specials lessons:    http://classroom.google.com
  • After you sign in, look for the “Specials” topic area
  • You will find lessons for each special
  • Follow the directions and complete the lessons

Extra resources:

Contact Information:

Library Media:     Mrs. Halloran      lhalloran@waterbury.k12.ct.us

Art:                         Mrs. V                   svanamburg@waterbury.k12.ct.us

PE:                         Mr. Larkin           blarkin@waterbury.k12.ct.us

Music:                   Mr. Foote             afoote@waterbury.k12.ct.us

                               Mr. Caruk             acaruk@waterbury.k12.ct.us

                               Ms. Ruggiero       rruggiero@waterbury.k12.ct.us

                               Mr. Mayo              cmayo@waterbury.k12.ct.us














































































































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