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General Tips on How to Make Literacy a Part of Family Life

Talk with your child about things that interest him or her.


Ask Questions that encourage your son or daughter to observe and learn, questions that encourage him or her to talk in sentences, not just give yes or no answers. Speaking and listening strengthen reading and writing skills.

Listen to his or her questions, and help get the answers. Teach your child ways to find the information on his own.

Talk to your child about everything. Talk about the words you use to build an awareness of words and a rich vocabulary.

Enrich your child’s environment by taking him or her to zoos, libraries, museums, sports events or cultural events.

Go with your child to listen to talks by favorite authors at libraries and bookstores.

Read to your child regularly! Even after children can read for themselves, reading books to them will establish reading as an important part of daily life and contribute greatly to their literacy skills.

Teach your child how to use language to get things done. For example teach him or her to read a menu, write grocery lists, telephone messages and thank you letters.

Encourage your child to read all different kinds of books- from stories and literature to biographies, poetry, and information books on their favorite subjects.

Check out different formats from the library-books on tape or CD, videos, DVDs.

Encourage your child  to use his literacy skills to help others. For Instance your son or daughter could read to younger children or elders.

Help your child plan for the future, and to see how literacy skills will empower him or her to reach important goals.

Reading tips for parents:

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