Cyd Slotoroff

Arts Educator, Music Therapist, and Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Trainer

Cyd Slotoroff is an Arts Educator who recently visited Kingsbury's fifth grade classes.  Our students were so impressed with Ms. Slotoroff's program, they had some wonderful comments.


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"Miss Cyd was a great singer and she was really nice!  I enjoyed the time."

"I thought Miss Cyd had so much meaning in her songs.  I felt like maybe I had some connection with them.  I loved them!"

" I thought Miss Cyd was really awesome.  She taught us a lot of new music.  Each song had a life lesson or a feeling about a character.  Miss Cyd was a great singer and the songs were good as well."

"Miss Cyd was very awesome and she had talent and courage in her."



Please visit her website for more information:


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