Message from Mr. Brown

Last Updated: 10/19/2021 6:25 PM


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),


We are so excited to have your child in-person this academic year.  However, the time being solely virtual left a noticeable gap with instruction.   The limited access  to curriculum was beyond anybody's control but left the children with new challenges that present both academically and socially.  However, in my opinion, together, we can do this!  


Thank you for believing in the staff of F. J. Kingsbury School as we navigate through this unprecedented period.  However, we have tremendous respect for you taking-on the additional responsibility to ensure schooling continued during the virtual learning period last academic school year.   We are proud of you and grateful for the hard work.     Thank You!


We are the pioneers for the great things awaiting in our children's future.  Let's make our descendants proud by doing the yet unforeseen great things, together.  


Have a great year and let's keep the lines of communication open.  Our children and their heirs need a 'unified' us.      


The future is literally in our hands! 

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