Positive Behavior at Generali

Positive Behavior at Generali School

Green, Yellow, Red and Blue Behavior -

- Each day, each student will start with a green card.  If classroom/school rules/expectations are followed the card will remain green.  If a rule/expectation is broken the student will change his/her card to yellow (warning stage).  If the child’s behavior improves they may turn it back to green.  If the behavior does not improve it may stay yellow.  If the child’s behavior continues to deteriorate or if more rules/expectations are broken the child will be asked to change their card to red (stop/consequence stage).  The child still has an opportunity to go back to yellow and even green.  The child will color his/her calendar the color that they have at the end of the day.  The children should color their own calendar so they understand the plan as well as the type of day they had.  The calendar then goes home (attached to either the homework folder or agenda book) and must be signed in the box for that day by the parent or guardian.  This procedure is a daily occurrence.

   Students in grades 4 & 5 also have a blue card.  If a child receives a blue card it means an office referral.  Teachers in grades K-3 have an option of using the blue card system; however it is mandatory in grades 4 & 5.







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