From the Principal



Dear Parents and Guardians:


     Spring is here!  We are rounding the final corner of our school year.  We have a few reminders to keep the rest of the school year running as smoothly as the rest of the year.

     -Please keep in touch with your child’s teacher to monitor their progress.   You may request a phone call or appointment at any time.  Teachers should return calls within 24 hours.  They cannot be called out of class to answer phone calls or meet with parents as it is disruptive to the students’ learning.

     -Please discuss with your child the type of behavior that you expect from him/her in school and on the bus as well as the type of effort that you expect them to put into their work.

     -Please check your child’s agenda or folder and initial their behavior calendar each night.  All students have homework every night.

     -Please read to your child and/or require them to read 20 minutes daily.   Ask them what the book is about, where it takes place, and who is in it.  This will help them with their reading comprehension and fluency.

     -MCLASS reading test will be given again after Spring Vacation.  Any child that does not meet criteria will have to attend our summer program July 10 – August 3rd.

     -To ensure safety please review and follow the drop off and dismissal procedures listed in the handbook and this newsletter.  In addition to that please do NOT park across the street, on neighbors’ lawns, blocking driveways, in apartment/condo parking lots, or on the street. 

Children can only be dropped off at the Crosswalk or the  top of the driveway.


     -Any and all of the Waterbury Board of Education Policies can be found on the website:  Click on Board of Ed and then policies.

     Thank you again for your continued cooperation.  Please feel free to contact the school at anytime to share your concerns, questions, or suggestions.





Mrs. K. Stamp, Principal


Generali Elementary School
3196 E. Main St
Waterbury, CT 06705
Phone: (203)574-8174

Fax: (203)574-6719