Nurse's Office







Sherry Mitchell, R.N.

Jessie Demers, Health Aide

   Fall is here and the weather has certainly changed and it can be quite chilly in the mornings!  Please remember to send your child in wearing a jacket or sweater each day.  Thanks!

   Kindergarten Parents: (1) Please don’t delay in scheduling your students for kindergarten physical exams as the Pediatric practices and clinics are already getting booked up.

   (2) Please remember to send an extra change of clothes in your child’s bookbag daily to be used in the event of a bathroom accident.  This will decrease their time out of class and missed instructional time waiting for dry clean clothes to arrive at school.  Thanks!

   All Parents, please remember to inform the nurses’ office in addition to the main office of any and all telephone number changes.

   Attention Parents:  Infection Control Measures for students with fevers:

   Students will be excluded from school for a temp of 100.5 F or higher.  If the temperature is under 100.5 F and is associated with behavioral changes or other signs or symptoms (i.e. sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea).

   Students can return to school once they are FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS without the use of childrens’ Tylenol or childrens’ Motrin being used to reduce fever.

   Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy Fall!