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Sherry Mitchell, R.N.

Jessie Demers, Health Aide


Please remember to send and any changes in contacts phone numbers, so you can be reached in case of illness or emergency. Parents, please remember to always keep the nurses,  as well as your child's teacher informed of any and all allergies your child's may have. Thanks

 Kindergarten parents, please make sure an extra change of clothes is in your child's bookbag everyday in case of bathroom accidents.

 Thanks very much! Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy March &  

Happy Saint Patrick's day to all!



Parents /Guardians -To reduce falls and slipping accidents please make sure your children's shoe laces are tied before leaving in the morning.







5th grade parents reminder:  Physical Exams are needed for 6th grade.  Informational packets will be sent home the first week of this moth .  (Please send in all completed forms to the Nurses’s office once your child’s physical exam is done.)  Feel free to call me with any questions @ 203-574-8318.

Kindergarten Parents  -  Please remember to make sure there is an extra change of clothes in your child’s bookbag to be used in case of bathroom accidents.  Thanks!


REMINDER TO ALL PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH MEDICINE IN SCHOOL:  Please remember that ALL meds need to be picked up from the Nurse’s Office by an adult by the last day of school.  Medications not picked up will be thrown away – as per Health Department policy.  Please feel free to contact me @ 203-574-8318 with any questions. Thanks!


Sherry  Mitchell, R.N.

Jessie Demers, Public Health Aide


   We have had many “accidents” in our pants so far this year.  In order to keep your child from having to lose class time and to keep you from having to leave work,  please put an extra set of clothing in your child’s bookbag.  Thank you!


































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