Students of the Month




Thank you for supporting our school with our Fall Fundraiser.  It was a great success.  The Student of the Month ceremony for the month of September will be held on October 24th at 9:30 am in the school cafeteria.


KG -       Jamere M

KN-        Trinity C

KR-         Kara H

KSa-       Keylanis R

KSc-       Zurich B

KSi-        Brian D

1Del-     Amiere H

1Des-    Michael T

1F-          Ella Ribeiro

1L-          Charlotte A

1 Manforte – Jimmy P

1S-          Kaylee R

2B-         Jailene R

2L-          Liam H

2Q-         Desiree C

2S-          Adrian P

3M-        Aanyanka C

3R-         Giada D 

3T-          Michelle C

3V-         Cynthia D

4F-          Sanai J

4M-        Jonniel  R

4N-         Mia P

4T-          Tavares A

5Co-       Danny P

5M-        Efrain C

5Pi-        Michaela B

5Po-       Liyabona G






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