Dear Fellow Alumni,

I am so glad you have visited this Web Site today. I am a 1971 graduate of JFK and currently the President of the PTSA. My son, Michael is a Senior this year. Michael, as well as his older brother Mark, has met with much success here at JFK. We as former graduates of this school should all be proud of the excellent reputation this school has in Waterbury as well as the surrounding towns. The Administration and Staff of JFK are committed to providing the best education for all students.

Being an inner city school lends itself to a few problems. One is the perception that an inner city school is under-achieving. Well that is not the case here. In the last three years Kennedy High School has sent graduates to Yale, Harvard, BU, Springfield, US Coast Guard Academy, Perdue and many more Universities and Colleges too numerous to mention.

One of the other problems our school faces is monetary. The financial difficulty that the City of Waterbury continues to experience as well as the average income of our families limits the monies that can be channeled in for extra activities that the Staff and Parents would love to see take place. In addition to all the staff does we as the PTSA try to also provide these activities and programs for our students. We currently are looking into a Graduation Night activity that would entertain the students at school in a safe place after their Graduation exercises. We have many fund Raisers planned for the year, but due to the hefty price of the Activity we are wary that we will not have enough to cover both the Grad Night and the other programs we currently sponsor.

We would like to ask you as Alumni for your support with this dilemma. Do you have the means to help out? Perhaps you are an entertainer or you are creative and have an innovative idea on how we can busy the students for a period of time. Do you have a connection for an amusement that could possibly help us out with a reduced rate? Would you be interested in chaperoning, cooking breakfast or serving midnight snacks? Any and all suggestions are welcome as well. We would appreciate any help you can give us. If you are able to help in even the smallest way please call me at (203) 753-3589. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in advance!!!

Carol Moriarty

Kennedy High School
422 Highland Ave
Waterbury, CT 06708
Phone: 203.574.8150

Fax: 203.574.8154