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Kyeshia Carter

Student at Johnson C. Smith University, Charlotte, NC with a major in Criminology.

Currently a junior. Graduating in May 2008. Plan to attend Law School.

Odile Academic Advisor for adult students at Teikyo Post University, Wtby. CT Just wanted to say hi to all the staff and students at KHS. I miss hanging out at the school. If anyone that knows me would like to say hi, feel free to email me.


Aveina (Seegolam) Pendergrast

Resides in Houston, TX Working at ExxonMobil in the Quality Assurance & Banking division at their corporate headquarters. 


Lorenzo Brown I live in Atlanta now. I am A network admin at William M. Mercer, Inc and it is going great! I miss everyone at JFK. Just wanted to say thanks to the whole starr and if you guys read this yell back at me! Go Eagles
Shannah Calvert Watertown, Former ER Technician @ Wtby HospitalPursuing Degree in Internet Crime Planning on moving to North Carolina after receiving Degree. Have 2 beautiful daughters ages 6 & 3.

Lena Jehaludi 

Currently resides in Miami, FL, working at the Law Firm of John Bristol Just wanted to say HI to all my fellow graduates and friends,would love to hear from you!!
Lehem Felican Miami, FL? yahoo pager: Whizkid79 Programmer Analyst Web developerCo-host local talk show Impressive Stats!  

Shannon Hosier

  I am now live in Fort Lauderdale Florida for the last 8 years. I recently graduated College after taking 10 years off. I am doing great !Just wanted to say Hello to all the former classmates and teachers.
Lisa Roy 
Legislative Aide Reunion Contact.

Reunion Contact?


Izormarie Moya

 * If Mr. Ciprianno and Mr. Curzy are still teaching in Kennedy I want to tell them the you guys were the nicest and loving teachers in Kennedy high school. Hello to every one that recognize me.
Rodriguez, Samuel E. HM3 (CVN70) I'm currently serving in the U.S. Navy & stationed on the USS Carl Vinson.  Dr. Paolino is still working here.That's great Ciao Doc.
Jorge L. Feliciano  * I had Mr. Donald Schaer as my Cad Teacher, and would like to contact him again.

James Jones

I now live in Greenville, North Carolina with my family. Tell Mr. Azzara he hasn't changed much in so long a time. Mr. Azzara was my math teacher.
Jodie Bengala Jcoghill@toledo. I have received my Bachelor's Degree from Palm Beach Atlantic College. Now work for an automotive supplier, designing exhaust systems. Currently I am living in Dearborn Michigan.
Edward Walker
Senior Technical Associate
 * My experience at JF Kennedy was one of the best in my life. I am just sorry it took me so long to realize it. They really 
are some of the best days of your life. Stopped by to check out the school's website, great job. Hi to all the Class of 1981. Thanks for the memories. May the Eagle soar forever more.
Derrick Harrison   Mrs. Hines you were great!
Roland J. Perreault, Group Director, Physiotherapy Associates/Rebound Physical Therapy,   *

Edward L. Stauff

New England

Musician, software guru, bibliophile, cohouser, aikidoka, husband, dad, microferroequinologist, woodworker *
Kim Sanders    Kim.Sanders@montgomery Information Referral SpecialistMontgomery College Rockville, MD I thoroughly enjoyed my high school years. Graduated from UCONN & moved to Maryland in 1980. Is there a reunion planned?
Patricia (Maietta) DeRosa 1847 Thomaston Ave. Waterbury, CT 06704 Primary Caregiver    
Marianne Synott Hamstra
139 Hartford Road
Manchester, CT
Cromwell High School
Cromwell, Connecticut
EMT Entering B&B business-Cheney Mansion in Manchester
Martin Srugis Londonderry, Director of Food & Nutrition Services @ New Hampshire Hospital Who is in charge of reunions? 37th year reunion?
Evelyn C. Vinogradov (Iundin)Moriarty, New Math & Science Teacher Moriarty High School Moriarty, New Mexico Answer: Mr. Mangini retired in June, 1999

Nick Bozzuto

11222 Summer Star Dr.

Teacher-7th grade Social Studies    
Bernie Dodge I'm a professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University Would like to hear from others in my class.
  Dadnerris Torrellas  * This is a great page and could look bake at my old hometown and school.

Judy Hoyt


Special thanks to Mr.Mancuso and the Tech Prep teachers!!

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