School Mission Statement


MALONEY MAGNET SCHOOL has its mission to:
    Nourish a multicultural education community
    Promote inter-group understanding and interaction
    Guarantee education for THE WHOLE CHILD with an emphasis on emotional   
    Diminish the isolation of minority urban and white suburban students
    Promote the cultural and linguistic diversity of children
    Help maintain and develop language facility other than English
    Support harmonious inter-group relations in communities which are and
       are not linguistically or racially diverse.

The following education philosophy permeates all the school's activities

a)  providing learning experiences and programs that allow for individual 
    differences and learning styles, whether or not these differences arise
    from cultural factors.
b)  fostering positive attitude toward school and education
c)  providing opportunities for positive interpersonal relationships
d)  enhancing the morale and effectiveness of the professional staff and
    support personnel
e)  creating excellent communication between Maloney School and parents/
f)  providing support for educators through the provision of professional
    development opportunities.

2017-2018 Compact

2017-2018 Parent Involvement Policy

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