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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 1/4/2021 5:48 PM

Frequently Asked Questions: This page contains answers to common questions of students and parents.  

  1. What Is A Magnet School?
  2. How Are Children Selected?
  3. What Programs Are Available To Students?
  4. What Are The Grades?
  5. Is There A Fee?
  6. How Many Children Are In Each Class?
  7. Is There A Transportation Fee?
  8. What Is The Required School Day?
  9. How Secure Is The School?
  10. How Can I Be Involved With My Child In The School?
  11. Is There A Food Program?


1)  What Is A Magnet School?

A magnet school is a publicly funded school operated by a local
or regional school district, by a regional educational service center
or by cooperative agreement involving two or more districts.
Each magnet school has an educational theme or focus; students
choose to enroll based on their interests in the school's theme.
The performing arts, college preparation, science, technology
and Japanese studies are examples of the wide range of magnet
school themes serving elementary, middle and high school students.
The purpose of interdistrict magnet schools is to reduce, eliminate or
prevent the racial, ethnic or economic isolation of public school students
while offering a high-quality curriculum that supports educational
improvement. Magnet schools offer programs in Grades PK-12.

2)  How Are Children Selected?

Acceptance to MIMS is based on a random lottery system and
availability of space. An application period and lottery will be held
on designated dates during the months of February through April
for the upcoming school year. Available seats will first be filled by
children residing in Waterbury and the participating school districts
of Thomaston, Plymouth and Wolcott. Children residing in other
surrounding districts are welcome to apply and may be accepted in
the event that seats are available. Unsuccessful applicants must
reapply each school year.

3)  What Programs Are Available To Students?

MIMS follows the Waterbury Public Schools District curriculums and
programs. We provide opportunities to learn in an atmosphere that
fosters the integration of vigorous academic skills, individual learning
styles and students' cultural and linguistic diversity. In addition, we
offer full-day pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs, Japanese
Language and Culture Curriculum, Science Technology Program, a
Multicultural Curriculum and a Developmental Guidance Program.
Students may participate in our Hearing Impaired program and
Before and After School Program.

4)  What Are The Grades?

Pre-Kindergarten through Grade Five.

5)  Is There A Fee?

There is no fee to attend.

6)  How Many Children Are In Each Class?

Pre-Kindergarten classes have a maximum of eighteen students,
with one teacher and one classroom assistant. Kindergarten classes
have a maximum of twenty students, with one teacher and one
classroom assistant. Grade one has a maximum of twenty-four
students. Grades two and three have a maximum of twenty-five
students. Grades four and five have a maximum of twenty-eight

7)  Is There A Transportation Fee?

Students from Waterbury, Thomaston, Terryville/Plymouth and Wolcott
are transported to/from MIMS by their local school districts. There is
no cost to the student.

8) What Is The Required School Day?

Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5 programs run from 8:35 AM to 2:50 PM.

9)  How Secure Is The School?

MIMS has a secure system in place. All exterior doors remain locked.
Visitors must enter the building via a monitoring system.

10)  How Can I Be Involved With My Child In The School?

Parents are welcome to participate in PTO activities and as classroom
volunteers and field trip chaperones.

11)  Is There A Food Program?

MIMS has a full working kitchen and staff. Breakfast and lunch are prepared each day from a varied menu and offered to All Waterbury Students at No Charge. Students may decide to bring a lunch from home.

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