Nurse's Corner

Last Updated: 3/10/2020 9:55 PM

Happy March Everyone!

We are still technically in winter, but these last few days have been surprisingly warm! But don’t

let your flu prevention guard down! Keep washing your hands and wiping down door knobs and

surfaces. Also keep in mind with the early warm weather can come early flea and tick season.

So please check your dogs and cats (and kids!) when they come inside and remember you may

have to start preventative measures earlier.


March is National Nutrition Month

We can make an enormously positive impact on our lives by simply improving how we eat!

What makes a healthy diet?

Plenty of                                            Includes                                           Low In

Fruits                                               Lean Meats                                   Saturated Fats

Vegetables                                      Poultry                                          Trans Fats

Whole Grains                                  Fish                                               Cholesterol

Low-fat or no-fat milk                     Beans                                           Sodium/Salt

                                                         Eggs                                              Added Sugars



Fifth Grade Parents Reminder

I will be sending home physical forms in April for those that need it. If you need one sooner, just

call me and I will send it home with your child! A 2020 physical exam is required for entry into

6th grade. If you have already completed this, please send a copy of physical in to me! Have a wonderful start to Spring!

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