Nurse's Corner

Last Updated: 1/5/2021 1:20 PM

Hi Regan Families, 

Happy New Year! I’m sure we can make this year a much better one! Please continue to take care of yourself (and others!) by practicing good hygiene, staying hydrated, eating well, moving around, wearing masks, maintaining distance, and keeping the most positive attitude possible. And of course, keep up with the latest regarding our return plans. 

I’m including CDC information on the newly arrived vaccine to combat this virus. Please take a look!  As usual - contact a doctor if you are running a fever, coughing uncontrollably, having trouble breathing, lose your sense of smell or taste, or have a persistent sore throat.

I’m also enclosing a revised list of testing sites, if needed.



I wish you all a wonderful and brave new year! Hang in there everyone, we are getting there!

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