Prek-2nd Grade






Students worked on a fundraiser Art to Remember. They made roses by vegetable print making (celery) and painting. This lesson appears at part of an article I wrote for Arts & Activities Magazine (November 2016). Not only are they learning an “easy” introduction to printing, but that their artwork can actually be put on items that can be purchased. Pretty neat for 3 and 4 year olds!

Currently, students are working on bumblebees. They are painting and decorating.


Students worked on a fundraiser Art to Remember. They began by painting a background sky with two watercolors, leaving a white space (snow), drew a tree and colored with marker, painted snow on the tree branches and dotted snowflakes. They are very excited that their artwork can appear on items that can be purchased.

Students also practiced their fine motor skills: tracing, cutting and assembling a raccoon made with heart shapes.

Currently, students are learning about the artist, Grandma Moses, and are creating a winter picture by drawing and coloring. The final step of the project involves using bubble wrap to print a “blizzard”.


Currently, students are working on a penguin picture. They have a choice of using warm colors or cool colors for a painted background.  They will be making their “own” penguins. Each will be unique. Integration: art and science


Students worked on a winter tree mixed media art work. First, they painted with two colors creating a background sky and leaving white space for snow. Next, they used craypas to color the trees, followed by painting the branches with white snow and dotting snowflakes.

Students worked on a fundraiser Art to Remember. Students sketched a few branches and followed a guided drawing lesson on making cardinals. They used crayons to color. Next, two colors of watercolor paint were used to paint the background (crayon resist painting). Painted and dotted snow was added.

Currently, students are painting a color wheel with primary and secondary colors.



Students are working on Shadow Puppet Theater. Each class has chosen a book that a script has been made. All students will have a reading part. They have created their puppets. We will be practicing reading the scripts and using the puppets. Integration: art and literature, drama, reading


Students followed a guided drawing project from You Tube on a snowman/woman. They cut these out after they were colored in and added them to a winter landscape – cut out hills for the foreground and middle ground, pine trees colored with craypas, and painted and dotted snow.

Students worked on a fundraiser Art to Remember. They drew one or two sunflowers and colored them in with crayon. Next, they used warm or cool colors to paint a background. Crayon resist painting was optional. The last step involved outlining the sunflowers in black marker. Students can make the connection of making money through the selling of art work.

Currently, students are making ceramic roses. They are being introduced to glaze. They really have enjoyed this project.


Students learned about Faith Ringgold in honor of Black History Month. Students made a story quilt. They had to imagine where they could “fly over” after hearing the story “Tar Beach”.

Currently, students are working on cityscapes. They are painting backgrounds with warm or cool colors.

RUBRICS/SELF-ASSESSMENTS: Students have done quite a few of these for integrated art projects. I am currently changing the format of the rubric. Students have the success criteria in a hand-out form and we will be working more with exit slips, so that, it is easier for students, more manageable with class time and faster teacher feedback.

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