Prek-2nd Grade

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Grades Kindergarten, 1 and 2

On most art projects, including integrated art projects, you should see an attached rubric/assessment form. The name, grade, and number of the lesson appear at the top. Students will mark their responses in pencil and my response (feedback) and score will appear in pen. The learning targets (I can statement) and craftsmanship are what students are working on during class.

If you do not see artwork coming home, it may be at school. Some projects are displayed. Some are kept for the arts fair toward the end of the schoolyear. I usually keep between 1-3 projects from each class for art shows and exhibits throughout the schoolyear. These will be returned.



The first class of the year, we discussed art class, the art room, safety (fire drills, etc.), seating, rules and rewards, etc. Students worked on a drawing for the remainder of class.

Lesson one: working with circles. Students identified the shape. They worked with glue, foil and paper.

Lesson two: apple printing with sliced apples, paint, and paper. Students are also creating a pattern with color and adding parts in crayon: seeds, stems, leaves.



Lesson one: Mondrian Inspired Artwork. Students learned about Piet Mondrian and some of his artwork. They learned about thin, thick and straight lines. Students were introduced to the primary colors and painted their artwork using red, yellow, and blue.

Lesson two:  Autumn Tree with Primary Colors. Students are continuing to work with lines and primary colors. They are also learning to blend colors with crayons, recognize and create geometric shapes in their work, use art tissue paper and glue.

INTEGRATED ART:  Owl shapes. Art and Math. Students are creating owls from circle, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon shapes.



Lesson one:  Artist & Architect. Students learned how these two are related. Students worked with vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines to form houses, and/or buildings. Craftsmanship was discussed.

Lesson two: Designer Cats. Students are examining the artwork of Laurel Burch. They are working with line, pattern, geometric and free-form shapes.

INTEGRATED ART: Me and My Shadow. Art and Science: Students are creating a person and their shadow in an outdoor scene.


Lesson one: Portrait with Crazy Hair. Students are learning about portraits, self-portraits and placement of facial features. They are also using a variety of line.

INTEGRATED ART: Friendship Art: Character Traits, Harmony & Art. Students chose a word that describes a character trait that would like in a friend. Contour Line drawing in marker continues around the chosen word.