Prek-2nd Grade


Mrs. Dionne - Art


We began using a new art curriculum called “Explorations in Art” for Kindergarten through second grade during the second marking period. Unit one for kindergarten is basically getting to know a variety of art materials and how to use them properly: crayons, markers, oil pastels, tearing, scissors, paintbrush, painting, and watercolors. I simplified these lessons for pre-kindergarten as well.

PRE-KINDERGARTEN is currently working on an art project that begins assembling a house with wooden sticks and glue involving shape. Next, the house and background are painted. Lastly, the houses are completed by adding windows and doors.

KINDERGARTEN – will be starting Unit two in the art curriculum. It is involves exploring one subject which is “insects”, many media, which is drawing, painting, cutting, arranging and more.

FIRST GRADE – started Unit one during the second marking period and is in progress. Beautiful Buildings/Finding Lines Everywhere involved drawing. Beauty in Nature/Seeing Lines Change Direction involved printing. My Beautiful Place/Creating Lines and Shapes involved printing and painting. Special Objects/Finding Shapes involves creating a toy collage.

SECOND GRADE – started Unit two during the second marking period and is in progress. Remembering Nature/Trees as Subject Matter involved a drawing with color. Looking at Leaves/Seeing Lines, Shapes, and the Spaces In-Between involves observation, drawing and painting. Colors in Nature/Mixing Colors of Paint involves observation, looking for lines and shapes in flowers, using primary colors and mixing secondary colors to paint a garden.


All classes are working on a unit of lessons integrating art and science. Most of the art is from the new art and science curriculum. These began in the second marking period and have continued into the third marking period.

KINDERGARTEN: plants and animals: where do plants and animals live? The first lesson was a desert habitat involving painting a desert sky, adding cactus and animals. The second lesson was a drawing of the forest including plants and animals. The third lesson is on the pond. Students are drawing dragonflies with all of the body parts. Lily pads and flowers are drawn and colored ending with a crayon resist painting.
FIRST GRADE: plant and animal structures. The first lesson is an observational drawing of flowers in vases.
SECOND GRADE: plant and animal land habitats. The first lesson was on the rainforest. Students drew an orchid and added color with oil pastels. The second lesson involved drawing a forest with animals.

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