1st Marking Period

Snapshots from First Marking Period

Kindergarten- Students are using MaxWrite to type. Kindergarteners have typed their names and the alphabet. They have learned some of the special keys on the keyboard including: Spacebar, Enter, and Back Space. MaxPaint is our creation program. We have learned to use every tool in the drawing mode! Students recently used all the tools to create a Shape Person.

First Grade-Pablo Picasso was born on October 25, 1881. Through a BrainPop Jr. movie, first graders learned that Picasso's paintings reflected his mood and feelings. Students use MaxShow and Max Paint for this activity.

Second Grade- Students in second grade are using an online creation website called Wixie. A project that they are working on is called "All About Me". Each page has a different topic where students are painting, choosing stickers, and typing text. 

Jeffrey's All About Me!

Third Grade- Both Second and Third grades have invividual log-ins for My BrainPop which allows students to save work such as Make-A-Map. Third graders are working to create a concept map about the Changing States of Matter. The finished project will take a few class periods.

Fourth Grade- Students began using their Google accounts the very first week of school. After working with Mrs. Gravel on a writing piece, students used Google Docs and our WebCams to publish "The Best Part of Me".

Fifth Grade- Mrs. Gravel spent a week in each fifth grade class working with students on the writing of "My Passion". Using Google Slides and the Word Cloud creator in ABCya, fifth grade students worked in Technology to publish this media art project.

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