2nd Marking Period

Snapshots from Second Marking Period

Kindergarten- Over the course of the second marking period, Kindergarten students continued typing in Max Write and using all of the features in Max Paint. Kindergarten students typed their "trick words" and created a combination picture with a background, painting tools, and stamps.

First Grade- Many of our lessons in first grade begin with a movie from BrainPop Jr. In this lesson we watched and learned about Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures and thermometers. Students applied their learning by creating an image and typing sentences to match.
Winter temps

Second Grade- During the first week of 2017, students made resolutions for the new year and created a Wixie project to record their personal resolutions.

Third Grade- Over the course of several weeks, third grade students explored and researched facts about the geography and physical features of our state. They used online encyclopedia articles and atlases as their sources to complete their research. Students applied their research by created a Media Art map of Connecticut using the online program Wixie.
CT map

Fourth Grade- To complement their Science learning with Mrs. Reisinger, fourth graders engaged with technologies to learn about Habitats and Ecosystems during Instructional Technology. For this activity, students created a slide to teach the difference between a habitat and ecosystem.

Fifth Grade- To practice the skill of summarizing, students chose a current events article to read from https://www.dogonews.com/. The students summarized the article in a Google Doc and shared it with a classmate.

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