3rd Marking Period

3rd Marking Period

Kindergarten- Students learned to choose, move, and resize clipart images in our MaxWrite program. They also learned to combine clipart images with painting tools. Kindergarten students can now type complete sentences too!

First Grade- This marking period students learned to research through BrainPop Jr. All students researched the Solar System and created a poster to use in an oral presentation on their chosen planet topic.

Second Grade- During Black History Month the students learned about four African American History Makers and choose one person to create a poster about in Wixie.
2nd grade History Maker

Third Grade- Students wrote directions for a procedure with Mrs. Gravel during writing block. In technology students used the Wixie program to create their "How To" project.
3rd Grade How to

Fourth Grade- The final project of our Habitats and Ecosysytems unit was a Yellowstone Food Chain. After researching the animals and plants of the Yellowstone Ecosysystem students created a food chain on a Google Slide.
4th grade Food Chain

Fifth Grade- Each fifth grade student choose an African American History Maker and researched their life and contributions for Black History Month. The final project is a clue based "Who am I?" Students used an online program called WeVideo to create their "Who am I? Movie.
We Video

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