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🌼📖 Frieda B. Visits Rotella 📖🌼

By: Sydnie Smith

An author named Renata Bowers visited Rotella School. She is the author of the Frieda B. book series. She writes these books so kids can learn to be free with their imagination. The name Frieda B. sounds like free to be. This character has a huge imagination and she loves to help other people find their imagination. When Frieda goes to sleep at night her imagination takes her to her dreamland. Mrs. Bowers read to the fourth and fifth graders one of her books called “Frieda B. Visit’s the Dog Park.” It was about Frieda and her family who go to the new Dog Park in their town with their dog Zilla. Then Frieda sees a dog all alone and then he runs off to the hot dog cart in the woods. When they are eating lunch Zilla sees a little boy all alone crying next to a tree. Zilla goes over to him to try and keep him company but he yells at Zilla and then walked away. Frieda saw what happened and told her dad to go over and tell him to stop. But that’s not what he did. He went over and asked him, “Why are you crying?” “ I lost my dog in the park and I can’t find him.” The boy said. “ What does he look like?” Frieda’s dad said. The boy told him what his dog looked like. “ Oh. I saw a dog that looked like that and he was heading for the hot dog cart in the woods over there!” Frieda said excitedly. “Oh, I forgot to mention that my dog likes hot dogs.” The boy said as they ran to the hot dog cart. Ruff, Ruff, They hear. “Doggie! Thank you for helping me find my dog” he says playing with his dog. Mrs. Bowers wanted to teach us kindness. Then she needed 2 volunteers. She picked me and a boy in 5th grade. We acted the story out but then she told me to stand facing the other direction looking into the certains after we acted out the first part of the story. I had sunglasses on and I had a stuffed animal dog in my hands. It was supposed to be Zilla. She was doing something behind me but I didn’t know what. I could hear Mrs. Bowers talking but I couldn’t see what she was doing. When I turned around the boy had building blocks in his backpack which I helped him to remove.

This was a very good experience.        


Wear What You Wish

An opinion piece on dress code

By: Steven Butler

Have you ever had to dig through your hamper, just to find a shirt to be in dress code? It is so annoying!! This is just one reason why I think dress code should not be in place.

I think dress code attacks blue jeans, and prohibits wearing your favorite shirt. For example, I have a blue and white striped suit in my closet that I would like to wear on the last day of school, and because of dress code, I cannot. It micromanages you, turning you into a drone just like everyone else. Rotella is an arts school, and art is SUPPOSED to be unique. Dress code horribly diminishes this.

And in conclusion, I don't think dress code should be in place. What do you think about this topic?


✻Snow Days

By: Poetri Az-Ibo and Daylen Roscoe

  Did you enjoy the last few snow days? Well Daylen and I think that it's a good thing that the snow days happened because we had days off from school. Not everyone has to enjoy the snow days because not everyone gets to have the day off from school or work. Another reason is that in the end, we have to make up all the days we missed in the year. Everyone usually doesn’t like that. But sometimes it flip-flops and everybody’s opinion about the snow changes. Sometimes you can’t even go outside because it’s too cold and there is lots of snow on the ground. The snow is sometimes dangerous. People could slip and severely hurt themselves. I know how it feels because one time I was salting the sidewalk in front of my house and I was on my way back up the stairs and I slipped, fell and hurt myself. Same story as Poetri one time I was walking down my driveway and I slipped and fell and I sprained my ankle.It hurt a lot!  I had to put a bandage around my foot so I know how Poetri feels. But the good thing is that Daylen and I recovered. So sometimes the snow is a good thing, but sometimes it’s a bad thing. But we can’t control that.The earth does what it does, and we just have to live with it.


💮 Little Mermaid Jr.🐠

By:Mckenzie Grenier

The Little Mermaid Jr. was our school play and I was in it.I played Ariel's sister in the play and I loved being in the play. I always wanted to be in a play since Pre School and I finally got in the play Aladdin Jr. in 3rd grade. I was one of the guards that captured Aladdin.In all the plays there was a great deal of singing and dancing.One of my favorite songs from The Little Mermaid was called “She’s In Love,” “ Daughters of Triton,” and “The Contest” that’s because I was in all of them.I had so much fun being in the play this year and I hope I get in the play again next year.


School Of Choice Week

By Poetri Az-Ibo,Daylen Roscoe, Sydnie Smith,Steven Butler,McKenzie Grenier

             Rotella school is an exciting, vibrant place to go to school. During National School Of Choice Week we had a chance to show off all the good things about our school. We interviewed our principal and our vice principal Ms. Henry and Mrs. Wallace. Mrs.Wallace said that it is a students chance to go to any school not just in their area. We have been doing this for three years. We are involved in this program because our school is very special and unique. Parents should choose our school because they think it would benefit their child educationally and emotionally. You should not come to our school if you don’t like all the art activities.We use the scarves to show people all across the country that we participate in this program. If we all have the scarves on, it shows that other people are participating as one because this program is not a contest. It is a program where we work together to show we’re proud to be a choice school.

During School of Choice Week many exciting activities occurred.In the hallway there were interviews on what you want to be when you grow up and why you love Rotella School.The purpose of National School Choice Week is to celebrate families being able to pick the school they want their children to attend.On Monday we wore yellow scarves to represent that we are a community with other schools of choice.On another day we wore star shirts to symbolize we are shining stars.The whole week we learned a special dance  to show everyone that we love the arts.In the main lobby we presented boards covered in beautiful artwork and sculptures. On two boards there are fourth grade artwork. In display there are third grade sculptures about landforms.Everyone loved School of Choice Week.

The finale for school of choice was that  guests came to look at our school. First we took a tour. The first stop was the art room. The class that was in there was drawing flowers with vases. When we came out of the art room we checked out the decorated door of the room . Next we stopped at the TV studio. They talked about how we get the theme for our school every year. The third stop was Mrs. Woodward’s room. Mr. Steve from the Mattatuck Museum was there. He was talking about community and symbols that represent harmony. Then, we stopped in Ms. McLaren’s room. They were playing “The Hot Seat.” This is a drama game when kids pretend to be famous people in  history. They were being Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. We also stopped in the Science Lab and the class that was in there was learning about animal coats and what animals have coats. Next, we stopped in one of the fourth grade classrooms. That classroom was Mrs. Romano’s room. They were talking about what balance had to do with the biome project that we are learning in science. When we were walking down the hall to the lobby we were talking about how we got certified this year for being one of the best Magnet schools in America. When we got to the lobby everybody looked at the amazing artwork the students did. Then, we went to the conference room and Poetri and I talked about how we write the newspaper and what we write. We also talked about the arts fair. We both asked one of the two guests what was his impression of Rotella.  He said,” It is such a wonderful school and that the artwork is beautiful and I love how the teachers combine one subject with another.” The other guest said ,” Rotella continues to be a very good school and every time I came to this school everything gets better. I learned about your certification and I would like to get that published.”


Silly Hat Day

By Gianna Silas

    On Friday March 3rd,everyone is allowed to wear fun and cool hats to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Because of a snow day,  it was cancelled and rescheduled for Monday March 5th. You can design a hat or just wear a headband that looks like a character from your favorite book. It is very fun and only comes once a year.

This is how we celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

What hat will you bring in?


Snow Buddies in 3Monroe!

   By: Lucia Lapham

Snow Buddies are very special in Mrs.Monroe’s classroom. Mrs.Monroe got them for everyone as a snow day gift. Snow Buddies are bear and puppy stuffed animals (the students in 3 Mo say they are real).Everyone in the class makes things for them, for example  a musical band, a shop with clothes, accessories, and food for them, fashion shows,entertainment, and school!

The most important thing we do is make Snow Buddy money! Everyone makes their

own money. However one bill can not have a number higher than one hundred.

If you do have a bill worth more than  one hundred, it will be ripped up and

thrown away. I also  made a bank for the money. It is a piece of cardboard and paper

pockets with all of the students (that participate) names on them.

They are the favorite play thing we have in 3Mo and in our homes!

 So maybe you want to get a Snow Buddy too!


Fun Friday’s in Miss Altieri’s Class

Jenaya Bracey

    On Friday in Miss Altieri’s class, if you have 80% or more on Class Dojo, then Miss Altieri will plan something fun for you to do. For example we could do a marshmallow race , or a scratch ticket and a candy cane. We could also paint fish for the play The Little Mermaid because our teacher is the director.

    Usually, she starts preparing in the afternoon. Remember if you lose a dojo point and your percentage goes down below 80% before Fun Friday then you’re out. But wait,you can fix it by earning  another dojo point so your percentage might go back up and  you can participate.

    If you are not participating in Fun Friday, you get a Think Sheet. A Think Sheet is when you have to write about how you can fix your problems. Your parents have to sign it and you have to bring it back to earn a dojo point. If you don’t bring it back, the next day you will lose a dojo point.   

   That’s how Fun Friday’s work in Miss Altieri’s classroom.




 by:Alexa Kinion

Happy thoughts for students to share.   

Amazing starts with a word of care.       

Respecting the words of one another.

Means we need to help each other.

Opens up our hearts with joy

Nice to one another, every girl and boy.

Yes, that’s why we share love and HARMONY.


Snow Days

by:Gianna Silas

So much fun on a chilly snow day.

Nobody’s left out in the snow anyway.

Outstanding snowflakes each one unique.

Winter is so much fun, let’s take a peek.

Doing sledding even though it’s fast.

Away I go like a race car passed.

You soon have to go back into the house.

Sit by the fire as warm as a mouse.



By Alexa Kinion

   Turkey  is served with pineapples.

     Up until midnight eating turkey.  

 Roasted with seasonings!

  Kale is the best!

  Eat as much as you can!

You can always find food in the kitchen!  


Veterans Day

    By Poetri Az-Ibo

On November  11,every year, we celebrate Veterans Day. You may be wondering “What is Veterans Day? ”well I’m about to tell you. Veterans Day is a day to celebrate the people who are in the military trying to protect us from attackers.The types of veterans are  the navy, coast guard, air force, and marines. Some people I know were confused and asked me “What is the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day?” They are both about veterans. Just to be clear there is a difference between the two. The difference is that Veterans Day celebrates the vets that are still alive and serve us. Memorial Day is about the people who served but were not able to get out of the war alive. Some people think that we shouldn't go into the military because it is too much to handle and it’s dangerous. But once you get older it is your choice if you want to serve our nation or not.

Not just on Veterans Day should you think about veterans but you should think about them every day. Veterans put their lives on the line everyday, the least we could do is honor them.


New Kids at Rotella

By: Steven Butler

Are you a new kid at Rotella? If you are, then you probably have a new group of friends, right? There are 77 new kids at Rotella (K-5). I have interviewed 4 of them.


 Three quarters of the kids I Interviewed  liked  Rotella better than their old school. The other one quarter liked both schools the same. Draven Engler said that Rotella had better recess, but he didn’t like the lottery system. That’s when your name must get picked to go here. Ardy Beshi Loves the food at hot lunch, and his favorite dish is...well...everything! He likes our choice of library books a lot!

 Sometimes new students at this school are shy. Sometimes they are eager to make new friends. Nevertheless, all new students here at Rotella love their new school! :)



By Daylen Roscoe

I’ve been thinking alot about what Thanksgiving means to me and I believe it's a great time to give thanks for my family. I think that it’s important to spend time with your family and you get to eat amazing food too, two things I love. Also when I see my family I get to see my older  family members.  I especially like seeing my cousin Nasir because we get to play basketball.Every year I get double the food because we celebrate with my  family in New York too. Do you love Thanksgiving because I don’t know about you but I do. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving is here so I can see my whole family again.I will always cherish the memories I have about Thanksgiving with my family.



BY: Lucia Lapham

The Math Club is formed by Lucia Lapham.I wanted to form this club so  students that are having trouble in math can get extra help from their friends.Day by day I plan what I’m going to do.Sometimes we play math games that I make up and sometimes we work on fun word problems.I want one person to come so that they will tell their

friends and it will spread. A lot of students want to do it!

It is very rare for someone to say NO! There are more

than 14 people in the club right now.

So maybe you might want to join too!


Christmas Story

By: Jenaya Bracey

    Do you celebrate Christmas?It’s ok If you don’t.I'm going to tell you a little bit about my Christmas.

Christmas is about spending time with my family and to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.We open presents and then eat our traditional special egg casserole. That's my family's tradition.After that we watch a movie.Then we usually play with some of our toys while my grandma and mom cook some ham,mac-cheese, green beans and lots more for our feast.Finally, we get ready to pray and now we get to eat ,yum, yum!



By Gianna Silas

Welcome to the Book Fair! The Book Fair is a fun place where you can buy books and toys. Books like:chapter books,picture books,non-fiction books,coloring books and more. There were toys like: erasers,posters,markers,charms and more. Parents got to come and see the book fair at open house. It took place in the community room. It was so much fun! Here are some book titles:Magic Puppy,Shimmer and Shine,Puppy Dog Pals,Rock On With Gems and more.I loved the book fair it was so much fun!


The Championship Soccer Game

By: Sydnie Smith

My soccer team and I have faced a hard season. We are the champions because we have won all of our soccer games. But now we have to face the other champion soccer team. It was hard for me because I had friends on the other team. The team we were facing against was called Woodbury Bethlehem, but we just call them Woodbury. On a corner kick I had to block one of my friends and she said,’’ I really don’t want to do this to you.” And I said back ,” I don’t want to do this either.” Woodbury had a lot of people who got hurt and went crying off the field. One of the players from the other team accidently kicked the ball into her own goal scoring a point for our team.At the end of the game it was 3-1 and my team WON!!!! It was so exciting! We celebrated with hot chocolate and a girl on my team made slime for everyone. We are the CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!


Toy  Drive

 By McKenzie Grenier


I know Christmas is an exciting time for some children but to some children it’s sad.Why is it sad you ask, well it’s because some children are too sick or poor to get toys.But everything is going to  be alright because we have toy drives to help get toys for those children.What toy drives are is people from all around the community collect toys and donate them to children in need.Here at Rotella,we brought in a toy for Toys for Tots.Also,you had to bring in two dollars for both pajama day and you also had to bring in a toy for both pajama days too. People are so nice to have toy drives for other people.The children in need  are so happy to have toys. This helps to make their Christmas very special.



Thanksgiving Poem

By Jenaya Bracey


Turkey is what my family serves

Hands around the table time to pray

A very special Thanksgiving,

       Today is the day

No one at the table goes away hungry

Kitchens always cooking something up

Special time of the year

G-ma’s birthday is coming up

I love my family a lot

Very special time

In the kitchen it’s always busy

No one is ever alone

Give thanks because it’s very important



Ned’s Kindness Adventure

By McKenzie Grenier

When we had Ned’s Kindness Adventure come to our school,everyone was so enthusiastic.The performers told us about how they went to Kenya to help the Kenyans find clean water.Ned’s friends told him that the food was disgusting and that the Kenyans didn’t  play fun games like we did. They were just complaining about how Kenya wasn’t fun or nice. But when Ned got there he actually liked the food.So his friends were wrong about that.When he got to play some games he actually liked the games.So his friends were wrong about that too.When he got to do all the things the Kenyan’s do, Ned realized that both groups of people enjoyed similar things. So his friends were wrong about all of that.  Ned’s Kindness Adventure came to send us a message that different can be good. He also wanted us to know that even though people like different things, you can still be friends with them.



Pink Out Day

By: Sydnie Smith and Poetri Az-Ibo

On October 20th the students and faculty of Rotella School wore pink to support finding a cure for breast cancer. All the money that we raised will be donated to help with the fight against breast cancer.It was so beautiful to see all the pink shirts that students were wearing. When we donated the money we cut out a pink ribbon to put our name on  to show we donated. When the sun went through the window the ribbons started to glow. It was awesome to see them glow like that. In the end the whole school raised over $800 including the teachers.We put all the money towards Saint Marys Hospital to help with finding a cure for  breast cancer. We are so proud that Rotella could be a part of  the fight against breast cancer!




By Gianna Silas

Sun shining brightly

Petunias, daisies, and sunflowers too

Roses popping from the ground a new

I see flowers everywhere I go

Nice, colorful flowers

Going to the park to watch them grow!



Litter Bug Club!

By: Lucia Lapham


Did you know that Rotella School has a Litter Bug Club?

No, well I am  Lucia Lapham and I started an outside cleaning club at recess. Almost every day, when the club meets, I give a grabber to a different STAR student. I hold the bag open so they can put the trash in. One day we found baby birds alive! Every day a new person gets to clean up.When all of the trash is cleaned up for the day,we play. Litter Bug Club is on a roll.   




By Alexa Kinion

  Did you know that  Rotella School has star  expectations to help boys and girls behave better? Everyone follows these expectations so they can earn star tickets. If you earn a star ticket you put  it  in the bucket and then on Friday Ms. Henry picks out of the bucket. If your name gets picked, you go down to the office and get your picture taken. These are our star expectations:

  S stands for safe

              T stands for team player

          A stands for achiever

             R stands for respectful.

We have to follow these guidelines so that we can get picked out the bucket on Friday and win a prize!      




Winter Poem

By: Jenaya Bracey

Warm hot chocolate, cold snow

Icy sidewalks wherever you go

Nice white snow covers the ground

Too cold to make a sound

Enter your house to feel cozy and warm

Run inside and stay safe from the storm




Rotella Gets Certified

By Sydnie Smith, Daylen Roscoe, Poetri Az-Ibo, and McKenzie Grenier

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.22.33 AM.png

Did you know that Rotella is now a nationally certified magnet school? It was a long hard process but we did it. The newspaper staff had the opportunity to interview our principal, vice principal and drama teacher to find out what certification means.

    Being a nationally certified school means you’re one of the best schools. There were only two schools in Connecticut that got certified and we were one of them. There were one hundred schools that applied and only 55 schools got certified. Less than half did not make it. Now you can see why it is such a big honor to get certified.

    This was a lengthy process. One hundred and fifty pages made up the full report. It contained answers, evidence and charts to support our findings. We are one of the best schools in the nation and it took a great effort to get there.

    Starting in September of 2016, a committee was formed to attack this task. The committee included Ms. Henry, Mrs. Wallace, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Dionne, Mrs. Dane, Mrs. Romano, Mrs. Monroe, Mrs. Gravel and Ms Hakim. It was a very rigorous process and it took all year to finish. I might even say it took the committee before and after school to finish the process. These teachers dedicated their time to show the greatness of our school. I guess all that hard work paid off for Rotella.

    To  show that we achieved our goal we were given an award. We got a picture seal and we are getting a beautiful banner. At the National Magnet Schools of America Conference, we will be awarded a special gift for this achievement.

    Now you can see how hard it is to get certified. This might have been the greatest thing to happen to our school and you can see why we are so proud of Rotella Magnet School.




Rotella Interdistrict Magnet School
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