Fifth Grade

Quarter 3


Grade 5-3rd Marking Period Curriculum

Ms. Gruner, Mrs. Silva, Miss. Toussaint, Ms. Vargas


Reading and Language Arts

Our students are doing a great job as we continue to dive into the next units of the Wonders Program.  Our students are engaged in the close reading of complex text, collaborative discussions, writing, vocabulary acquisition, phonics/word study, and grammar practice.  All work for the week is centered around an essential question that drives learning.  The “Big Idea” for Unit 3 is, “What kinds of experiences can lead to new discoveries?”  The “Big Idea” for Unit 4 is, “How do we decide what’s important?”  The table below lists the various learning experiences that we will have. A big component of our ELA block is focused small group instruction. We continue to implement targeted instruction based on the results of the Dibels 8 testing given in February. This allows for all students to have their instructional needs met. Focuses may include decoding, fluency, accuracy, vocabulary, or written comprehension. As always, we strongly encourage all students to read at home on a daily basis. There are also many websites geared towards reading listed under the “Instructional Websites” tab on the Rotella website. 



Comprehension Strategies

Comprehension Skills


Word Study



Tall Tale



Expository Text




Literary Elements:  Stanza and Meter

Point of View

Author’s Point of View





Narrative Text

Informative Text  Opinion

Pronouns and Antecedents

Kinds of Pronouns

Pronoun-Verb agreement

Possessive Pronouns

Pronouns and Homophones



Social Studies

All through the year we will be exploring events early in United States history from indigenous people here prior to colonization through the American Revolution.  We will be analyzing and evaluation a variety of documents, sources, and perspectives.  This marking period we will focus on the importance of Americans sharing and supporting certain beliefs, and principles of American constitutional democracy as well as the characteristics and uses of maps, globes, and other geographic tools and technologies.  Students will better understand the patterns of human settlement and their causes.  





 During the third marking period, students will have opportunities to use various models, place value strategies, and properties of operations to divide multi-digit whole numbers. Students will then utilize this understanding to divide decimals to the hundredths place as they continue to make connections between multiplication and division and whole numbers and decimals. Students will also solve situations involving all four operations with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.


Students will be gathering evidence to explain that the gravity of Earth pulls objects toward the planet’s center. Through the development and use of models, students will use evidence to explain that Earth is a sphere and that gravity causes objects to move toward Earth’s center. Students will also explore daily patterns caused by interactions of bodies in the solar system, collect and analyze data to detect patterns, including the path of the sun across the day sky, the movements of constellations in the night sky, and hours of sunlight. Students will also be learning how Earth orbits around the sun and the moon orbits around Earth. Based on explorations and analysis of data, students will use evidence that Earth’s orbit and the moon’s orbit cause predictable patterns.


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