First Grade


Grade 1 ~ Marking Period 2

Language Arts/Reading:

          *Students will continue to learn about identifying story elements while listening and reading stories.  Sequencing the beginning, middle, and end of stories is important in learning how to retell orally and in writing.  Students will be responsible for completing a personal narrative by the end of this marking period so keep practicing retell each and every time a story is read! 

*Students will be learning how to identify and predict problems and solutions; learning about cause and effect.  Various graphic organizers will help in organizing this information from a variety of sources. 

            *Students will begin interpreting illustrations to depict how characters are feeling, match vocabulary words to those feelings, and identify the actions of characters and their lessons learned from those actions.


            *We are focusing on learning “glued” or “welded” sounds: “-an”, “-am”, “-all” within words.  The consonants at the end make the short “a” sound a little bit different.  Please check your child’s folder for the helpful Parent letters that go home at the beginning of each new unit.


            *Students are continuing their practice with solving word problems up to 10 using addition and subtraction. 

            *We are also adding and subtracting with missing addends.  Students will learn how to turn around the fact and add on in order to find the missing addend and to understand the Commutative Property.

Science/Social Studies:

            *We are beginning to learn about living and non-living things.  Students will learn about what elements of life are needed in order to be alive.  We are also wrapping up our units of Forces and Motion.*Students will be studying about holidays celebrated around the world and beginning map skills.

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