First Grade


Reading and Language Arts

This marking period, the first graders will focus on story elements using fiction texts.  We will be identifying the characters, setting, problem and solution in these stories.  The students will be writing about these story elements, as well as writing their own personal narratives using these story elements.  When reading fiction at home, ask your child to tell you about the characters, setting, problem and solution in the story.

In Fundations, during the first marking period, we are focusing on reading and writing CVC words, words with digraphs and words with bonus letters.  The unit overview packets (Home Support Pack) that you receive for each new unit are a great resource for practicing at home.

Please encourage your child to use both Raz-Kids and Lexia at home for extra reading practice.



This marking period, the first graders will focus on partners of numbers 1-10, using the “counting on” strategy to add and using the “counting back” strategy to subtract.  We will relate addition and subtraction and solve word problems using addition and subtraction to 10.  We will also begin to use tables and charts to represent and interpret data. 

Please practice addition and subtraction facts within 10 at home.  This will help with their memorization of these facts.

Social Studies

We learn about our school community during the first marking period.  The students will discuss their classrooms, school workers, as well as school rules.  During this marking period, we also learn about various holidays and celebrations that take place, such as Columbus Day and Hispanic Heritage Month. 

During Hispanic Heritage Month, students will learn about Spanish-speaking countries, and various customs and traditions.