First Grade


Language Arts: Students will begin the marking period by learning how to read words that have vowel-consonant-e. They will also focus on syllables rather than individual sounds. Towards the end of the marking period, students will be adding suffixes (s, ed, and ing) to multisyllabic words.


Reading: The students will be doing an author study. They will study 3 authors, Kevin Henkes, Ezra Jack Keats, and Helen Lester. In an authors study, students look at an author’s book as literature while also doing research about the author’s life. Finally they reflect on how to personally respond to authors books.


Writing: Students will write opinion pieces. This type of writing is integrated into the author study reading unit. The students will state an opinion, supply a reason for the opinion and provide some sense of closure.


Math: The students will work with concrete objects and drawings to strengthen their understanding of 2 digit numbers. They will work toward mentally finding 10 more or ten less than a number as well as adding and subtracting multiples of ten. Students will begin adding 2-digit numbers using models, pictures, and a variety of strategies to show how they are adding and when they need to compose a ten. They will record drawings and written methods as they gain proficiency.


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