Fifth Grade


Reading/ Language Arts: This marking period we will be focusing on Fiction, Realistic Fiction and Poetry. Authors, through their stories, encourage us to look at ourselves and think about the person we want be.  In this unit, as we explore a variety of poetry, fiction and realistic fiction, students will discuss and interpret life’s lessons that have been experienced by characters in books. They will think about how these lessons apply to their own lives.  As a culminating assessment, students will contribute an original piece of realistic fiction to add to our class “Life Lessons” book.

Math:  This marking period, students will have opportunities to use various models, place value strategies, and properties of operations to divide multi digit whole numbers.  They will also learn how to divide decimals to the hundredths place and explore connections between multiplication and division.  As we progress through the 3rd Marking Period, students will solve situations involving all four operations with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.  We will continue to have fun during our small group and center time, learning new games which apply previously taught skills and concepts. 

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