Fifth Grade


Reading/Language Arts

This marking period we are focusing on biographies and autobiographies.  In this unit we are going to learn about how people have changed our world in many ways.  Biographies allow us to see how an individual’s actions can influence the course of historical events, but they also show how historical events change individuals.  As a culminating activity, students will research and use multiple sources to learn how a particular individual has impacted our society and create a report based on this information.


Students will be exploring the inverse relationship between multiplication and division in real life situations through multiplying and dividing fractions.  Students will also use the properties of operations and place value strategies to make connections between multiplication of whole numbers and decimals.  Lastly, students will explore the concept of volume. 

Please encourage your child to use iReady instructional lessons at home as well as practice their multiplication and division facts.


Social Studies: 

We will be exploring significant events and themes in United States history.  We will learn about specific individuals and how their ideas and beliefs influenced U.S. History.  

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