Third Grade


Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving as we approach the holidays!  In Reading, the third grade will be continuing to examine characters in a story but will be adding the new elements of how the characters actions, motivations, and feelings contribute to the central message, lesson, or theme of the story.  In Math we will be working on area and perimeter as measurements and the operations we will use to solve area and perimeter problems.  We will also be focusing on elapsed time involving units of hours and minutes.  Our science focus for this marking period will be Animal Adaptations and in Social Studies we will be learning about our Government including the 4 branches of the government and the responsibilities of each branch.  In Fundations we will begin by reviewing suffixes, and will also form plural words using- s, and –es, use irregular plurals, and examine the spelling rule that doubles a consonant when adding a vowel suffix.  We will study the lowercase cursive letters, I,j,p,r,s,t,u, and w.  As always, we appreciate all your help with homework and welcome your feedback as we all work to support your children in the best way possible!

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