Fourth Grade

The 4th grade MP 1  curriculum corner blurb is below. It wouldn't let me attach anything. Sorry!



Reading and Language Arts

This marking period we will focus on the unique features of informational text. Our classes will be exploring all types of informational texts, both in print and on the internet. We will be talking about how an author organizes information for the reader. Using the facts we discover, we will be developing opinions about important issues facing our world. Encourage your child to read informational magazines or age appropriate news articles at home. After, have a talk about the different parts! Our marking period will end with a rigorous investigation on the topic of global warming.


*Reminder* Please encourage your child to read or use Lexia/RAZ Kids for 20 minutes every day!



This marking period we will be exploring place value up to the millions. We will be applying place value concepts as strategies for solving problems involving addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and division by multiples of ten. Our classes will learn to multiply and divide multi-digit numbers using a variety of strategies that include concrete models, pictorial representations, and equations in order to solve real-world problems.


*Reminder* Please use iReady at home to enrich our classroom learning.


Social Studies

We are exploring all of the different regions of the United States of America. Each student will make a flipbook of the regions that may be entered into the Art’s Fair at the end of the year.


Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any questions about what your child is learning in class! We are here to help!




The Fourth Grade Team