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Miss Carbonell

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In other news...

Many teachers in the Waterbury District create projects for submission to  This website collects donations for teachers and their classrooms and is a non-profit site.  If you would like to see what our teachers hope to bring to their students, over and above the ordinary, please go to and search Waterbury or Sprague and help support our kids!


A Note About Book Lending at Sprague School - Students in grades kindergarten, first and second do not take their library books home.

Students in the third, fourth or fifth grades do have permission to bring library books home. 

All students are responsible for returning their books to the library in good condition.  If a library book is lost or damaged, we collect the amount of money needed to replace the book.  Students who fail to return a book, or bring it back in damaged condition, and who do not pay to replace it, do not receive their report cards.  Report cards are held until the money is received to Miss Carbonell. 

This policy is necessary to ensure that all students have equal access to quality books in the library.



Sprague and other libraries in Waterbury will be upgrading to Destiny, an on-line card catalog that students and staff will be able to search and find books in our library!