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 Dear Parents and Families,    



Did you know?


Students may not advance to the next grade if they miss more than twenty (20) days during the school year.


Please note that, even though a doctor’s note excuses the absence, it is still counted toward the 20 day maximum.

Doctor’s notes are required for documentation purposes.


When possible, please make your child’s doctor’s appointments before or after school hours.

If the appointment is in the morning time, please bring your child to school after the doctor’s appointment.


It is vital to your child’s academic success that they do not miss classroom instruction.


-Thank You


Contact Mr. Davis, Attendance Counselor (sdavis@waterbury.k12.ct.us) with any questions (at Walsh C&D days).



wind - lineart
line art windAs the cold weather begins, please dress your child appropriately for the outside, as we will continue to have outdoor recess until the temperature drops below 32 degrees.  Additionally, please follow the BOE approved dress code policy for elementary students.  Please keep dress code policy in mind while planning/purchasing school outfits.  Adhering to the dress code is EXPECTED.



 Reading Corner

                                                 Suggested Book for students in:  Grade 5, Percy Jackson and the Olympians (series) by Rick Riordan

                                                                                                             Grade 3, The Adventures of Captain Underpants (series( by Dav Pilkey






  • Students who will walk home require a note.  Walkers in grades K-3 will not be released to walk home alone.  Walkers in grades 4&5 wishing to walk home alone must have written parental permission
  • School begins at 8:35 daily.  Students must be in their homeroom classes at that time.  Students entering class after that time (with the exception of arriving on a late bus) will receive a tardy pass and be marked tardy.  School dismisses at 2:50 daily. 
  • All visitors must report to the office with proper identification.  There is a NEW district policy which requires office staff to monitor visitors’ identification BEFORE they enter the building.  Additionally, as done last year, all visitors must be escorted through the building by a staff member.  This is district policy.  Please be patient when arriving at school, as we must locate staff to escort and assist you within the building. 

Family Community Center News.....


Abbott Terrace Field Trip (FCC sponsored), chorus students will be spreading Walsh cheer!

  • Roller Magic Night DATE CHANGED!!!!! 12/15/16 (tickets are on sale in school)

  • Pajama Day ($1.00)


  12/7/16, 1:05 dismissal for Parent Teacher Conferences (appointment slips will be sent home)

                       12/12/16, Abbott Terrace field trip for Chorus

                       12/14/16 4.5 hour day (1:05 dismissal)

                       12/15/16 Roller Magic (5-7 pm)

                       12/20/16 Winter Concert 10:00 am, sharp for families

                       12/23/16 Pajama Day ($1.00)

                       12/26/16 – 1/2/17 NO SCHOOL, Winter Break

                       1/6/16 NO SCHOOL, Three King’s Day


 Student Birthday Information……..

If a child would like to bring in cupcakes or cookies (these items only), they are allowed to do so, if they are purchased at a store and in the original container that lists ingredients.  Additionally, please contact your child’s teacher in advance, so the teacher can be prepared to accommodate the cupcakes or cookies.   Birthday parties are not allowed in school (balloons, cake, juice, goodie bags, etc.).  If invitations for out of school birthday parties are to be passed out in school, all students in the homeroom must be invited (or all girls or boys).  Otherwise, the teacher will send the invitations home with a note explaining this.   

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