Student Responsibility Plan

Washington Student

Responsibility Plan

We believe our students should be challenged to meet their full academic potential in a nurturing, community-based environment. The staff and parents at Washington are dedicated to having a school environment with an absence of threat where students remain excited about learning and independently practice school-wide behavioral expectations. Students should feel comfortable and secure while at Washington. Our responsibility plan is designed to:

  • support students in learning to make responsible choices now and in the future
  • ensure the physical and emotional safety of all children in our care
  • provide rules and consequences that allow the staff to be consistent
  • enhance the development of each child’s self-concept while preserving individual dignity

As we work with your child to develop responsibility and self-control, your support is of immeasurable importance.  We assume that when a student knows the rules and consequences, and still does not demonstrate responsible behavior, the student is asking someone else to take control.  In such cases, logical and natural consequences will be used whenever possible.  To ensure that we all are working together, we would appreciate your reviewing the following expectations and consequences with your children.

School Rules and Behavioral Expectations

Common Area

Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

All Common Areas

·    Walk facing forward

·    Keep hands, feet, and objects to self

·    Get adult help for accidents and spills

·    Use all equipment and materials appropriately

·    Use kind words and actions

·    Wait for your turn

·    Clean up after self

·    Follow adult directions

·    Follow school rules

·    Remind others to follow school rules

·    Take proper care of all personal belongings and school equipment

·    Be honest


·    Keep all food to self

·    Sit with feet on floor, bottom on bench and facing table

·    Walk with tray, holding with both hands

·    Allow anyone to sit next to you

·    Use quiet voices

·    Raise hand and wait to be excused

·    Get all utensils, milk, etc. when 1st going through the line

·    Follow all rules

Playground/ Recess

·    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

·    No running

·    Stay within boundaries

·    Be aware of activities/games around you

·    No play fighting

·    What is on the ground stays on the ground

·    Play fairly

·    Include everyone

·    Listen to all adults on playground

·    Display good sportsmanship

·    Return equipment

·    Line up when bell rings

·    Get into line order

·    Show that you follow the rules and would like the wolf

Passing Areas: Halls, Breezeways, Stairs

·    Stay to the right, single file

·    Allow others to pass

·    Walk forward with hands by your sides

·    Keep personal space

·    Hold the door open for the person behind you

·    Use quiet and kind voices

·    Keep body to self

·    Smile or wave to passer-bys

·    Hands by sides

·    Stay in straight line

·    Stay to the right


·    Keep feet on floor

·    Keep water in the sink

·    Wash hands

·    Put towels in garbage can

·    Give people privacy

·    Use quiet voices

·    Keep bathrooms clean

·    Flush toilet after use

·    Wash hands after use

·    Return to line promptly

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