NEJ and Wilson

Wilson & NEJ

A Great Partnership

Mascolo’s Mission


On December 17, 2007, Wilson School received a phone call from Diane Melaragno of NEJ Inc. offering the most exceptionally generous act of kindness a school could wish for. In the spirit of the Holiday Season, the company offered to give a gift to each of the 400 students attending Woodrow Wilson School.  It was more than Wilson School could ever imagine! Ed Mascolo, President of NEJ, Inc. and Diane Melaragno, NEJ Project Manager, wanted to share their success as a company and give back to the Waterbury Community, hometown to the NEJ business, as well as to Mr. Mascolo and Mrs. Melaragno. On Friday, December 21, 2007, Santa Claus arrived at Wilson School in the company of his Elves, the Mascolo Family, and jovial NEJ Staff, surprising each student with a personalized gift bag, including a pair of pants, shirt and warm blanket. The eyes of overjoyed children were bright with astonishment as hallways rang with chants of “Santa!” In addition, coats, hats, gloves, toys, and Stop & Shop gift cards were provided to families with special circumstances. Reactions to this altruistic deed remained among student, faculty, and community discussions for months. But the charity did not end there. On February 21st, 2008, Dr. Susie DaSilva, Wilson School Principal, and Debra Lopez, FRC Coordinator met with both Mr. Mascolo and Mrs. Melaragno at NEJ. Greeted by a welcoming staff and hospitable atmosphere, neither had any idea of the news that awaited. Mr. Mascolo agreed to partner with Wilson School, supporting its development and reaching out to families in need. For the first time in Wilson School’s history, the school would receive on-going funding from a private company, a gesture that was done out of the simple goodness of their hearts. Funds are used to support educational supplies, field trips, on-site development projects, and families in need. Furthermore, NEJ agreed to host on-site Retail 101 Sales at Wilson School, to offer clothing to families at affordable prices within walking distance of their own community. NEJ also agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds to Wilson School. An upcoming Holiday Sale will take place in December. Please check back for details!


Wilson School Staff & Community are forever grateful to NEJ for its humanitarianism and enormous contribution to the social-emotional well-being and academic success of our students!        



Clink on the link below to view NEJ's first holiday visit to            Wilson School.