Safe Students: A safe student is not a danger to themselves, others, or property.

Completes Tasks: Completes tasks means that all activities, lessons, and requests from staff are done in an appropriate and timely manner. Examples of this would be participating in a lesson or completing work and homework.

Ownership: When one "owns" their behavior, they recognize that their behavior has an effect on others. When one is asked to correct their behavior, one should do their best to change what it is they are doing and not argue about it. If one did something wrong, apologize and work on being better and letting go.

Respect: A respectful student is willing to show consideration. Respect is an attitude. Being respectful helps one succeed in life. If children don't have respect for peers, authority, or themselves, it is impossible for them to succeed.

Electronics/Dress code/Toys: Students who SCORE arrive at school on time and in dress code. They do not bring electronics (toys) to school. If they do accidentally bring them to school, they turn them in to a staff member and at dismissal receive them back. In the event that they are found later in the day... then administration holds them until a parent or guardian comes in to get them.

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