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Last Updated: 9/23/2022 5:13 PM


 Dr. Michelle Baker, Principal
Mr. Joe Begnal, Principal
Ms. Lauren Elias, Principal - Special Ed.


Mr.Jason Martinez, Vice Principal
Ms. Elizabeth Henson, Vice Principal
   Ms. Jeanine Minort-Kale, Vice Principal


The Wilby High School staff recognizes that our students have diverse abilities and interests and expects all students to strive to fulfill their personal potential. Wilby High School has high expectations for all students and provides many programs that encourage independence, creativity, and the skills necessary to meet the challenges of an ever-changing technological society. Wilby High School also seeks to instill in all students self-respect, respect for others, and the recognition of their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

     In order to achieve success in academic, civic, and social areas, Wilby High School believes that our mission requires the active participation and support of students, faculty, administrators, support staff, parents, the Board of Education, and the entire community.

Wilby High School
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Waterbury, CT 06704
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