Attendance Policy

Wilby Attendance Counselor

Ms. Rebecca Harmon



Attendance Requirements

for Course Credit or Promotion



1. Student – A student enrolled in Waterbury Public Schools, any grade and/or age five (5) to eighteen (18).

2. Truant – Any student age five (5) to eighteen (18) who has four unexcused absences in any month or ten (10) unexcused absences from school in any school year.

3. Excused Absences – A student’s absence from school shall be considered excused if written documentation of the reason for the absence has been submitted with ten (10) school days of the student’s return to school or in accordance with Section 10-210 of the Connecticut General Statues and meets the following criteria:

A. A student’s absences from school are considered excused for the following reasons:

1. Student Illness (Note; All student illness absences must be verified by an appropriate licensed medical professional to be deemed excused, regardless of the length of absence, for course credit or promotion consideration)

2. Student’s observance of a religious holiday

3. Death in the student’s family or other emergency beyond the control of the student’s family;

4. Mandated court appearance (additional documentation required)

5. The lack of transportation that is normally provided by a district other than the one the student attends (no parental documentation is required for this reason)

6. Extraordinary educational opportunities pre-approved by district administrators and in accordance with Connecticut State Department of Education guidance.

4. Unexcused Absences – A student’s absence from school shall be considered unexcused unless they meet the following criteria:

A. The absence meets definition of an excused absence (including documentation requirements); or

B. The absence meets the definition of a disciplinary absence

Disciplinary Absences: Absences that are the result of school or district disciplinary action are excluded from these definitions.

Loss of Credit for the school year – Any student who obtains over twenty (20) absences in any year will be subjected to losing his/her credits for that year.

Waiver policy  - A student who has accumulated more absences than allowed by the policy, but who feels that the situation warrants special consideration, may appeal to the administration for a waiver increasing the number of allowable absences for that particular student. A the discretion of the administration, the parent may be requested to appear at he hearing to verify the legitimacy of the appeal.

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