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Communication is a basic need generated through the construction of language. The English/Language Arts Curriculum is a component of the City of Waterbury's integrated program of thinking, listening, speaking, writing, reading, and viewing that fosters the understanding of language, the appreciation of literature and writing, and the transfer of learning across the disciplines.

This English/Language Arts curriculum guide recognizes individual needs and learning styles of all students. The plan of this curriculum is for all students to be challenged in the attainment of their maximum potential. It is essential for teachers to create an appropriate learning environment and maintain high expectations. The curriculum should empower students to become intellectually inquisitive, responsive, and productive members of a community.




The English Department is dedicated to producing literate students with the ability to read, think, plan, and write. Using The Connecticut Framework: K-12 Curricular Goals and Standards as a guide, our teachers utilize proven reading and writing strategies, technology, and differentiated instruction to give allstudents the tools necessary to read with purpose and comprehension, think critically about what they read and view, and write these thoughts effectively using proper English language conventions.


The core English curriculum is a classics-based, college preparatory program, with electives that accentuate aspects of fine arts, technology, mass communication, and allied health. The department is an integral part of the Liberal Arts Academy at Wilby, with courses that cross into and augment the other career academies.


The brief course descriptions that follow singularly reflect the skills a student will acquire with attentive, active participation in the classroom. Collectively, they reflect the department’s belief that no course of study better prepares young adults to successfully negotiate the world.


010                  ENGLISH 9  HONORS                   GRADE : 9                   CREDIT: 1:00

011                  ENGLISH 9                                       GRADE: 9                   CREDIT: 1.00

This course develops a knowledge and understanding of characteristics of literature, active reading skills, techniques for organizing thoughts into words, and effective writing using proper conventions. The skills acquired here, while emphasizing liberal arts, are of value to any of the career academies, as teachers work in teams within the Freshman Academy.


020                  ENGLISH 10 HONORS                  GRADE: 10             CREDIT: 1.00

021                  ENGLISH 10                                     GRADE: 10             CREDIT: 1.00

This course deepens the knowledge and understanding of literature by urging students to interact with the text to find meaning. Writing becomes more complex, concentrating on the CAPT skill-sets for Response to Literature. Specific strategies for developing interpretations are introduced and practiced.  



030                  ENGLISH 11 HONORS                  GRADE: 11             CREDIT: 1.00

031                  ENGLISH 11

This course develops an appreciation and understanding of American literature from the colonial period to the present. Writing assignments accentuate comparison, persuasion, and critical analysis.  MLA format for research papers is standard.


030A               AP ENGLISH LANGUAGE          GRADE: 11             CREDIT: 1.00

This course engages students in becoming skilled readers of prose written in a variety of periods, disciplines, and rhetorical contexts, and in becoming skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. Both their writing and their reading will make students aware of the interactions among a writer's purposes, audience expectations, and subjects as well as the way generic conventions and the resources of language contribute to effectiveness in writing.


040                  ENGLISH 12 HONORS                  GRADE: 12             CREDIT: 1.00

041                  ENGLISH 12                                     GRADE: 12             CREDIT: 1.00           


This course is offered as one half of the English 12 requirement.  Readings begin with the Anglo-Saxon period and continue to the close of the English Renaissance.  Introduction to British Literature further develops the five aspects of English/Language Arts: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing.  The reading component emphasizes an appreciation of early Anglo-Saxon literature in its various forms, as well as the writings of Chaucer and Shakespeare.  Here the development of the English language, in both literary and historical contexts, is traced from its beginnings to the English Renaissance.  The writing component includes a portfolio and stresses the use of composition as a personal response to literature using textual references for both poetry and prose.



This component of English 12 enables the senior student to specialize in a particular genre, the works of one author, or an interdisciplinary approach to literature.  The course represents one half of the English 12 requirement.  Courses in the English 12 Part II program include: Modern Cultural Patterns: Literature, Art, and Music, Modern Literature Seminar, The Mystery: “Who Done It?”, The Plays of William Shakespeare, Poetry Seminar, Short Story Seminar, and “We, Too, Sing America”: Minority Literature.



                                                                                    GRADE: 12             CREDIT: 1.00

This course engages students in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature. Through the close reading of selected texts, students deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both meaning and pleasure for their readers. As they read, students consider a work's structure, style, and themes as well as such smaller-scale elements as the use of figurative language, imagery, symbolism, and tone. The course includes intensive study of representative works from various genres and periods, concentrating on works of recognized literary merit.




105/109      UCONN ENGLISH 12                     GRADE 12               CREDIT: 1.00

Prerequisite:  Teacher recommendation, class rank in the top 15%, SAT score 1100 or better, and approval by UCONN

For superior college-bound senior students, a select course in English 12 is simultaneously acceptable for credit at the University of Connecticut.  The two courses are intended to develop and enhance critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.  English 105 focuses on writing skills; four types of writing are covered in depth, descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive Advanced Composition Models for Writing.  A UCONN text is the basis for writing and grammar exercises.  English 109 presents major works on world literature for analysis. Adventures in World Literature and Introduction to British Literature are useful texts.  Reader-response writing exercises are included. 


010M/020M    ATOMS ENGLISH 9/10                                                  CREDIT: 1.00

For high achieving students in each grade level who are in ATOMS, the ATOMS English program accelerates the process of developing the skills necessary to read, think, organize and write effectively. The rigorous program encourages students to go beyond the Standard English curriculum to compare literary works, create innovative and interactive projects across disciplines, and demonstrate leadership skills. 


031H               HUMANITIES                                  GRADE: 11             CREDIT: 1.00

This course continues to connect American history and literature. Focus is on deep, active reading to develop a personal appreciation for the national literature while forming opinions on how societal and governmental forces affect life in America.


035      ALLIED HEALTH ENGLISH 11              GRADE: 11             CREDIT: 1.00 

045      ALLIED HEALTH ENGLISH 12              GRADE: 12             CREDIT: 1.00

These are English classes designed to stimulate interest in the allied health field. Students read and interpret literature from the core curriculum, exploring themes that connect to the world of allied health. The course meets daily for two consecutive periods over the course of three weeks, followed by three weeks of full-time job training at a local hospital before returning to class for another three weeks.


048      ENGLISH LANGUAGE LAB                   GRADE: 9               CREDIT: 1.00

Prerequisite: CMT Scores/Counselor recommendation

A program designed for students in 9th grade with demonstrated academic difficulty due to a deficiency in reading skills. Various techniques and multi-sensory approaches are used to differentiate instruction. 













057      JOURNALISM                                             GRADES: 10-12        CREDIT: 1.00

Journalism introduces students to the field of news writing. Emphasis is given to the language particular to journalistic conventions of writing and to editing. Learning is by doing, students are provided with practical opportunities to explore various styles of journalistic communication, to produce articles and copy in these styles, and to experience diverse roles in the publishing process.


058      JOURNALISM 2                                          GRADES: 11-12         CREDIT: .50

This course extends the foundation of news writing skills developed in Journalism I through additional emphasis on practical newspaper production and copy editing techniques.  Students will continue honing their critical thinking skills through various hands-on exercises in reading, writing, interviewing, and editing skills.


059N   PUBLIC SPEAKING                                  GRADE:   11-12          CREDIT: .50

This is a dual-enrollment course offered in conjunction with Naugatuck Valley Community College.  The course follows the college-level curriculum for public speaking.  Students who complete the course successfully can be awarded NVCC credits.


063      THE LITERATURE OF FILM                 GRADES: 10-12         CREDIT: .50

The Literature of Film provides students with a sound background in the study and use of film as a means of communication. Film will be examined as a complement to the study of literature and as an art form separate from literature. The language of film, the purpose of film and its interactive role with society, and the role of the director as auteur will be emphasized. Students develop comprehension of various film genre and styles and increase proficiency in writing thorough analyses of films and the creation of film scripts, screen plays, and adaptations.


067      CREATIVE WRITING                              GRADES: 10-12         CREDIT: 1.00

This is a course designed to give students an opportunity for creative self-expression in writing. It teaches the process of developing creative thought, and the different writing styles which express it.   


071      MEDIA/COMMUNICATIONS                  GRADES: 11-12       CREDIT: 1.00

This course offers an opportunity for students to work in a team environment modeled after a real television news studio. This class connects writing for electronic media and editorial decision-making with hands on technical training on state-of-the art television studio equipment and on-line editing equipment.


073      SAT PREP—ENGLISH                              GRADE: 11              CREDIT: .50

For college-bound students, a half-year course of intensive study in SAT vocabulary, reading comprehension, and the SAT Essay. Taken with 373 SAT Prep—Math 





Other Voices: Minority Literature is offered to those students who wish to become better acquainted with the literature, history, and creative and dramatic arts of the many cultural groups which contribute to the diversity of American society. Fiction and nonfiction works by representative authors from a variety of perspectives are included: African-American, Hispanic-American, Aboriginal-American, Asian-American, Eastern European; significant pieces by women authors, religious writers, and others expressing alternative points of view enrich the offerings.


085      DRAMATIC EXPRESSION 1                   GRADES: 10-12       CREDIT: 1.00

Dramatic Expression I develops the five aspects of language — reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing — as they pertain to the dramatic arts. Reading concentrates on the characteristics of well-written scenes and plays. Writing involves the creation of original character sketches and scenes with emphasis on organization and development. Student performance is strengthened through a wide variety of stage experiences including improvisations, pantomime, and actors’ exercises. Performance as a requirement of this elective encourages increased confidence and self-esteem.


086      DRAMITIC EXPRESSION 2                     GRADES: 11-12      CREDIT: 1.00

Dramatic Expression 2 recognizes the foundation provided by Dramatic Expression 1 in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing and extends student development in the dramatic arts. Reading and writing concentrates on more sophisticated styles of theater and on the history of drama. Clear articulation, elocution, and projection as in theater pieces leads pupils to a deeper understanding of human nature. The performance requirement of this elective encourages students to audition for school and local productions. Increased proficiency in problem solving, risk taking, and conflict resolution enhance critical viewing opportunities.


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