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The goal of the Wilby High School Science Department is to develop scientifically literate students with a curiosity and interest in science that extends well beyond high school. In science classrooms, students strengthen their skills in experimental design, observation, computation, problem-solving, and scientific writing. Hands-on and inquiry- based activities are employed to the maximum extent possible.


In addition to the core courses (physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics), we offer electives such as science and society and human biology. Advanced Placement courses in biology, chemistry, environmental science and physics provide the opportunity for earning college credit.


430/431   PHYSICAL SCIENCE                             GRADE: 9            CREDIT: 1.00

This course provides a broad overview of earth science, chemistry, and physics. Analytical skills including the scientific method, measurement, and data analysis are developed. This course is intended to serve college-bound students.


400      BIOLOGY HONORS                                   GRADE: 10            CREDIT: 1.20

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

Honors Biology is oriented toward laboratory investigation, the use of technology, and the development of higher level thinking skills. Fundamental biological concepts are developed through inquiry and problem solving. The curriculum emphasizes the cellular level of life forms, as well as heredity and evolution. The course includes a weekly two–period laboratory.


400M  ATOMS BIOLOGY                                                 GRADE: 9              CREDIT: 1.20

This course explores biological science through extensive use of laboratory exercises designed to promote laboratory skills such as use of the scientific method, data collection and analysis, and formulation of conclusions based on available data. Computers are used in class for data gathering and analysis, preparation of reports, and Internet research. The depth of the course includes molecular and cellular biology, heredity, ecology, evolution, and human body systems. This course is open only to students in the ATOMS program.


400A   AP BIOLOGY                                              GRADES: 11-12     CREDIT: 1.20

Prerequisite: Biology/Teacher Recommendation

This course provides a thorough and advanced study of biological principles and concepts at the college freshman level. Students must be highly motivated, and competent in scientific experimentation and research. College credit may be awarded to students who successfully pass the Advanced Placement Biology Examination given in May by the College Board.


401   BIOLOGY                                                        GRADE: 10            CREDIT: 1.20

Biology examines the basis for life including genetics, cellular function, and biochemistry. Scientific skills are developed including prediction, data collection, analysis, and reasoning. The course is geared to the college-bound student. A two-period lab is included each week.


411      HUMAN BIOLOGY                                    GRADE: 12            CREDIT: 1.20

Prerequisite: Biology and Chemistry

An introduction and survey of human anatomy and function including the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, immune, urinary, nervous, sensory, muscular, skeletal, endocrine, and reproduction systems of the body. This is a double period laboratory course featuring dissections of animal organs/systems, use of the internet for research, and lab simulations and various other available multi-media resources. Alternate laboratory assignments are available for students who elect not to dissect animal organs/systems.


420      CHEMISTRY HONORS                             GRADE: 11          CREDIT: 1.20

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

Designed for the high achieving student, honors chemistry explores a wide range of chemistry topics, including atomic structure, periodicity, thermo chemistry, chemical reactions, gas laws, stoichiometry, and organic chemistry. Emphasis is on problem- solving and laboratory inquiry. The course includes a two-period laboratory.


420A   AP CHEMISTRY                                         GRADE:                CREDIT: 1.20

The AP Chemistry course is designed to be the equivalent of the general chemistry course usually taken during the first year of college.  Students in this course obtain a depth of understanding of fundamentals and a reasonable competence in dealing with chemical problems.  This course contributes to the development of the students’ abilities to think clearly and to express their ideas, orally and in writing, with clarity and logic.


420M ATOMS  CHEMISTRY                              GRADE: 10           CREDIT: 1.20

This is an advanced level chemistry course open only to students enrolled in the Atoms program. Topics are covered in depth, with emphasis on the quantitative aspects of inorganic chemistry. These topics include quantum chemistry, thermo chemistry, gas laws, and solution chemistry. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are further developed. The course includes a two-period laboratory. 


421    CHEMISTRY                                                             GRADE: 11                        CREDIT: 1.20

Prerequisite: Algebra I

Chemistry explores the structure of elements, compounds, and mixtures, and the chemical reactions they undergo. Emphasis is placed on chemical theories that are substantiated by experimentation in the laboratory. Hands-on activities and demonstrations are used to show applications of chemistry to everyday life. A two-period laboratory is included.


440      ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE  HONORS  GRADES: 11-12             CREDIT: 1.00

445      ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE                      GRADES: 11-12                       CREDIT: 1.00

This full-year course is an exploration of scientific principles underlying today’s environmental issues. The Earth’s geologic history, oceans, atmosphere, soils, biomes including rainforests, and human population will be among the factors studied. The course will also examine the science behind pollution, climate change, and energy consumption. Outdoor and hands-on activities will be emphasized. This course does not include a double lab period.


445A   AP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE         GRADES: 11-12     CREDIT: 1.20

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

AP Environmental Science is designed for highly interested students who otherwise might not take an AP course. The students must intend on taking the AP test, and may receive up to one semester of college credit in environmental science. Topics include water quality, air pollution, population growth, and recycling. Emphasis is on controversial environmental issues. A two-period lab is included. Availability of this and other advanced placement courses in a given year depends on student enrollment.


446      INTRODUCTION TO FORENSICS                     GRADE: 12            CREDIT: .50

This is an introductory one semester course offered in the fall. The course offers a hands-on, problem-solving approach to crime scene investigation. The course provides a broad survey of techniques used to distinguish and categorize the physical and chemical evidence found at a crime scene. Activities include crime scene sketching and analysis of fingerprints, handwriting, impressions and DNA. This course does not include a double lab period.


450      PHYSICS HONORS                                                GRADE: 12            CREDIT: 1.20                                                

Prerequisite: Teacher Recommendation

This course is for students capable of moving at a fast pace and of exploring concepts in- depth. The student should possess well-developed analytic and quantitative skills. Topics studied include motion, thermal energy, electricity, sound, and magnetism. A two-period laboratory is included.


450M    ATOMS PHYSICS                                     GRADE: 12             CREDIT: 1.20

ATOMS Physics provides a challenging and in-depth examination of mechanics, thermodynamics, sound waves, light waves, electricity, sound, and magnetism. In each area, quantitative problem-solving is emphasized. The course is designed for highly motivated students with strong science and math backgrounds. A two-period laboratory is included.




450A   AP PHYSICS                       GRADES: 11-12           CREDIT 1.20

This course provides a thorough and advanced study of principles and concepts of Physics at the college freshman level. Students must be highly motivated, and competent in scientific experimentation and research. College credit may be awarded to students who successfully pass the Advanced Placement Physics Examination given in May by the College Board.


451    PHYSICS                                                         GRADE: 12             CREDIT: 1.20

Physics presents a quantitative treatment of energy, mechanics, light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. While a prerequisite for college and most technical careers, it is also geared to meet the needs of the general students. A two-period laboratory is included.


499      SCIENCE INTERNSHIP                                                               CREDIT: .50

Students are matched with a mentor in the community where they have the opportunity to shadow or work in a chemical or biological laboratory, industry, the medical/health field, pharmaceutical company or other science oriented jobs.  The purpose of this program is to give students to necessary and relevant workplace skills.  (The course is open to junior and senior honor and college level students with recommendation from a science teacher).  Students are required to complete a portfolio or research paper at the end of the program.


415      ALLIED HEALTH ANATOMY                GRADES: 11-12     CREDIT: 1.00

Taken only by students in the Allied Health Program, this course focuses on the structure and function of the human organism. Classroom instruction is closely related to the students’ clinical experience. The class meets for two periods each day for three weeks.  The next three week cycle is spent at the hospital, where students are given the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the allied health services. Offered alternate years.


425      ALLIED HEALTH CHEMISTRY                        GRADES: 11-12     CREDIT: 1.00

Taken only by students in the Allied Health Program, this course covers the principles of chemistry using a conceptual and qualitative approach. This is a course specifically for students interested in preparing for careers in the field of allied health. The students meet for two periods a day over a three week period, and then spend the following three weeks gaining clinical experience. Offered alternate years.



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