Services Provided

Services Provided

The Role of the School Counselor

School Counselors are professionals, who work with ALL students, school staff, families, and members of the community as an integral part of the education program. They help students by assisting them in making decisions and by teaching strategies for school success. School Counselors work each day guiding the career, academic, and personal/social success of the students they serve.   

Academic Counseling

Academic counseling is available to all students to help them understand individual strengths, to set goals, and to assist them in planning an appropriate program of studies.  Counselors, teachers and parents will work together to support and encourage all students in reaching their full potential.  Some areas in which a counselor may work with students and parents are:

   *  Planning a four-year high school program relevant to student's interests and abilities and post high school plans

  * Assisting students in selecting appropriate courses each year

 *Checking each student's progress through a review of quarterly report cards and interim progress reports

  *Counseling students experiencing academic difficulty and developing strategies for improvement, including referral to various academic resources at the high school

  *Being available to meet with parents of all students

 *Reviewing credit status leading to graduation

 *Being available to meet with students and parents to review standardized test results

  *Help is available in locating a student or professional tutor when requested.

  *Planning and Placement Team meetings are held to plan an educational program, when needed.


Personal/Social Counseling

Personal counseling is available to all students to assist them in managing normal developmental issues that arise during adolescence.  School counselors help students to enhance self-understanding and to learn effective problem solving skills so that they will be better equipped to deal with the variety of concerns that high school students encounter.  Students, staff or parents may initiate individual counseling sessions.  When warranted, referrals will be made to the school psychologist and/or school social worker or an appropriate community agency.  Among the many issues that may be discussed are:

  *Relationship/family situations

  *Peer concerns

 *Decision making skills

  *Physical and sexual abuse

  *Substance abuse



  *Academic pressure

  *Inappropriate behavior

  *Communication issues

  *Anger management

Career Counseling

Career counseling is designed to help students begin the process of exploring various career options moving toward the ultimate goal of specific career selection.  Recognizing that career development begins with self-knowledge, the goal of many activities is to help students learn about themselves and, subsequently, to match this knowledge with information about the world of work.  By senior year, students should have gained knowledge and experience to help them develop a general career direction.  Counselors assist students in the process through the following activities:

  *Administration and interpretation of career interest inventories in the Career Center for ninth and tenth graders

  *Individual counseling at all grade levels to identify and clarify each student's interests, abilities and goals

  *Conferences scheduled with all juniors to develop post high school plans

  *Review of high school program to insure that student's courses provide adequate preparation for potential career choices

  *Use of Career Center resources including computer software, reference books and career pamphlets, videos

  * An evening meeting for parents in November is provided regarding financial aid for students  going on to higher education.

Career Information resume tutor resume tutor The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II


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Career Center


                    The activities and resources of the Career Center will assist students in creating realistic plans for the future. Students will be provided with the opportunity to explore and identify their interests, values and skills to help them in accomplishing this goal. A trained paraprofessional is available to assist you. The Center is located in the Library/Media Center and is open from 8:30am-1:30pm.  


*your career interests, aptitudes, and values

*the right career for you

*what careers are growing

*how and where to get the education and/or training required for your chosen career

*how to write a resume

*how to handle a job interview


Every Student Will Visit the Career Center Each Year

Grade 9

       The Choices Career Interest Profile will help you to identify your interests and match them to specific careers.

Grade 10

       You will take the Choices Work Values Sorter. This will help you to identify what values are important to you in selecting a future occupation. You may also take the Work Skills Inventory to identify your aptitudes.

Grade 11

       You may take another different interest survey and/or write a resume and practice job interview skills.

Grade 12

       You may do a college or vocational school search. You can also research scholarships, review or rewrite you resume and work on job interview skills.


ALL Students should use the Career Center to answer these questions...

*Where do I start getting information about a college or career?

*What type of career would be best for me?

*How can I best identify my career goals?

*What type of college, technical school or training program will best meet my needs?

*What are my abilities, work values, and interests?


Grades 9 & 10

Students should use the Career Center...

  *To learn more about yourself in terms of interests, abilities and opportunities.

  *To provide further exploration of the following questions:

1.     Where do I begin my college/career exploration?

2.     What type of career would be best for me?

3.     How best could my interests be matched?

4.     What type of college most meets my needs?

5.     What is the job outlook for the next 10 years?

6.     What is a career interest inventory?

7.     May I use computer programs to access information about career and colleges?

Grades 11 & 12

Students should use the Career Center for...

  *SAT I registration forms and booklets

  *College applications

  *College catalogs

  *Career interest inventories

  *2 and 4 year colleges

  *information on technical colleges

  *computer programs

  *career exploration

  *guidebooks for colleges offering programs for Learning Disabled students

  *information on college athletic programs

Teachers should use the Career Center to...

*Obtain information in order to be able to relate their content area to various careers.

* Motivate students by showing the relevance of subject content to careers.

*Assist with their own professional development.

*Obtain up-to-date career and job market information to use with students.

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