WHS 9th Grade Advisory

9th Grade Advisory Topics & Activities 

Table of Contents 

Session Topic Notes/Handouts
Session  1      Getting to Know Your Advisory Students Personality Questionnaire
Session 2 Review Handbook, Schedules, Policies, Dress Code...  Handbook 12, 3
Session 3 NEASC, What is it and Why do I care?

NEASC Handout

Core Values & Beliefs Statement

Core Values & Beliefs

Session 4 Respect for Self and Others  
Session 5 Bullying/Youth Violence  
Session 6 Extra Curricular Activities "How to Get Involved"  Club Advisors
Session 7 "How to Get Your Questions Answered"  WHS Support Services
Session 8 Positive Behavior Support

PBS Handout

ROARS Handout

Session 9 Attendence Policy/Loss of Credit & Appeals

Attendance Policy (I)

Attendance Policy (II)

Session 10 International Cultural Awareness

Cultural Awareness Quesitonnaire

Waterbury City Demographics

Session 11 "Application" of International Cultural Awareness  
Session 12 Graduation Requirements  
Session 13 Mid-Term Study Skills  
Session 14 Situational Awareness/Conflict Resolution  
Session 15 Planning Your Life

Planning Your Life

Goal Setting

Session 16 Time Management Skills/Study Skills

Effective Learner Handout

Organization Handout

Long Term Planning

Session 17 Internet Awareness

Pros & Cons of the Internet

Internet Dangers

Internet Safety

Session 18 Reflection-How is it going so far?  
Session 19 Personal Hygiene  
Session 20 Making & Keeping Friends  
Session 21 Anger Management Anger Management Handout
Session 22 Time Capsule Time Capsule Handout
Session 23 Freshmen Assembly  
Session 24 Understanding CAPT  
Session 25 What to expect for Sophmore Year  
Session 26 Evaluation of the Advisory Program Evaluation Form


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