WHS 12th Grade Advisory

12th Grade Advisory Topics & Activities  

Table of Contents

Session Topic Notes/Handout
Session 1 Getting to Know Your Advisory Students Personality Questionnaire
Session 2 Review handbook, schedules, policies Handout 1, 23
Session 3 NEASC-Core Values & Beliefs

Core Values & Beliefs handout

Core Values & Beliefs Statement


Session 4 Respect  
Session 5 Bullying  
Session 6 Moral Dilemmas Moral Dilemmas Handout
Session 7 Senior Class Assembly (Fundraising)  
Session 8 Drug Impairment Handout
Session 9 Superlatives/Yearbook  
Session 10 International Cultural Awareness

International Cultural Awareness Handout

City of Waterbury Demographics

Sessoin 11 "Application" of International Cultural Awareness  
Session 12 Saying Thank You Thank You Handout
Session 13 "Senioritis"

Senioritis Handout #1, #2

Session 14 Reflection & Looking Forward Senior Reflection Handout
Session 15 Scholarships Scholarship Handout
Session 16 Conflict Managment

Conflict Management #1, #2

Session 17 Effects of Negative Habits Effects of Negative Habits Handout
Session 18 Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt Part 123

Session 19 Post Graduate Survival Skills  
Session 20 High School vs. College vs. Workplace

High School v. College #1, #2

Session 21 Senior Puzzle

Memory Puzzle #1, #2

Session 22 Post Secondary Plans & Leaving Home Checklist Leaving Home #1#2, #3
Session 23 Preparing for the World of Work (Part 1)

Dressing for Success


Positive Work Attitude

Session 24 Preparing for the World of Work (Part 2) Work Application
Session 25 Finishing Strong  
Session 26 Evaluation of Advisory Program Senior Evaluation Form


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