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We believe that Physical Education is an integral part of the constantly evolving educational experience. The program provides a balance of enjoyable activities which reflect and challenge the needs of students physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Through movement, physical education helps every child to develop life-time skills, positive self-image, problem solving techniques, and an appreciation for cultural diversity. It also enhances communication skills, goal setting and positive attitudes, which result in a healthy lifestyle. The activities selected within this curriculum have been chosen to realize these outcomes.


The curriculum calendar includes a wide variety of activities. The purpose of these activities is to promote a positive attitude toward the value of lifelong fitness. They will be provided in a healthy and safe environment. All content standards and district competencies will be met through them. All students will be scheduled for 9 weeks of swimming skills each year.


Our committee recommends the use of a standardized city-wide grading policy based on the following:

  • Participation

  • Knowledge

  • Skill

  • Sportsmanship


  • Attendance                    0-5% of the total grade for the marking period for those students who are not in violation of board attendance policy

  • Tardiness                       0-5% of the total grade for the marking period

  • Class Participation/        0-5% of the total grade for the marking period



Standardized skill tests take a lot of class time. Our committee strongly recommends the use of skill rating charts that the instructor carries to class and checks off the skill whenever it is observed during the unit.

Sportsmanship is that quality that enables one to take loss or defeat without complaint and victory without gloating and to treat opponents with fairness, generosity and courtesy. Good sportsmanship should be encouraged by all and positively reinforced throughout the school year. Rating scales can be used to measure this quality.

The participation portion of the grade is determined not only by participation but proper attire for class (sneakers, a change of clothes; sweatpants, shorts, t-shirts etc.). Good personal hygiene should be encouraged.

Medical excuses from professionals covering four and one-half or more weeks in a marking period will result in an "M" being given on the report card for that marking period. If a student has a medical excuse for a shorted period of time, written work should be given to make up for the time lost from activity.

Benefits of a regular and well-designed exercise program

  • Reduced chances of developing cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack and stroke.

  • Improvement of Body Composition and Weight Management

  • Prevention and Rehabilitation of Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal Dysfunction, such as lower back pain, knee, hip and shoulder joint pain

  • Stress Management and Relaxation

  • Play or Recreation

  • Muscular Strength

  • Posture and Body Mechanics - Movement

  • Enhance Productivity, such as school work and sports participation, permanent employment

  • Bone Density and Strength

  • Feeling of control over emotions and self-image

  • Higher Energy Level

  • Muscular Flexibility

  • Cardiovascular Endurance, or health of your heart, lungs and circulatory system

  • Reduction of other Cardiovascular Risk Factors:

    • smoking

    • cholesterol

    • blood pressure

    • lack of physical activity

    • weight or percent of body fat

    • stress

    • diabetes

While exercise is only one part of the total lifestyle management picture, it is one of the best ways of taking charge
or control of your health, wellness and fitness.

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