School Family Community Partnership Action Teams

A New Way To Get Involved at Your Child’s School 

  • School action teams will include parents, community members and teachers, along with the principal or representative, the parent liaison and others who are committed to helping the school and its students achieve. Individual schools may include students as non-voting members.
  • School action teams are voluntary and appointed. 
  • The main goals are to assist the school in improving family and community involvement and to assist the school in improving student achievement.
  • The action teams are based on Dr. Joyce Epstein’s six keys to parent involvement:


1) Parenting -  assist families with parenting skills and setting home conditions to support children as students AND assist schools in better understanding families.

2)  Communicating – conduct effective communications from school-to-home and from home-to-school about school programs and student progress.

3)  Volunteering – organize volunteers to support the school and students.

4)  Learning at home – involve families with their children on homework and other curriculum-related activities.

5)  Decision-making – include families as participants in school decisions and develop parent leaders and representatives.

6)  Collaborating with the community – coordinate resources and services from the community for families, students and the school and provide services to the community.


  • Action teams have been trained at Bucks Hill, Chase, Carrington, Driggs, Sprague, Walsh, Wilson, North End, Wallace, Crosby, Kennedy and Wilby. These schools have since formed School Governance Councils. Governance Councils have a greater range of responsibilities and members must be elected.  This fall, we will be starting action teams in additional schools, with the goal of having all of our schools trained in the School Family Community Partnership model in three years. 
  • If anyone is interested in serving on one of these school action teams, please let your parent liaison know or contact Nancy Vaughan at 203 573-6633 or .
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