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Waterbury Schools

Title I District Parent Advisory Council DPAC

Waterbury Public Schools (WPS) is committed to engaging parents and families in the success of their children. WPS has staff at the district and school levels that are dedicated to developing and coordinating parent and family educational activities to this end.

Parent and Family Engagement opportunities for partnership can occur in the home with home-time activities, in the schools or as members of various decision making committees including Title I District Parent Advisory Council, School Governance Council, School Parent Compact, and/or School Parent Teacher Organizations.

What we do includes the following:

  • Provide opportunities for parents or guardians to participate in fun, educational activities with their children under the guidance of and encouragement of school professionals.
  • Share ideas with parents for parent and child learning activities in the home.
  • Inform the community of WPS programs designed to strengthen parental engagement.
  • Assist district and school staff with developing parent family engagement processes.
  • Collaborate with the community to provide opportunities for parents to become engaged in the success of their children.


The shared responsibilities of a Title I District Parent Advisory Council DPAC Member are;

  1. To consult with the DPAC in planning, implementing, and evaluating of various components of the Parent and Family Engagement Policy for Title I Students.
  2. To provide parental input related to their goals for educational opportunities for their children.
  3. To act as a link between the Title I DPAC and the schools.
  4. To attend Title I bi-monthly meetings. Meetings dates, times and locations are flexible.


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