CREC Assessment Consortium

Waterbury Public Schools is a member of the CREC Curriculum and Assessment Consortium. The Consortium is described below.

The CREC Curriculum and Assessment Consortium is a regional partnership of districts working to create rigorous, teacher designed curriculum and performance assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 

This is an opportunity to participate in a collaborative Professional Learning Community, distributing a labor-intensive process across a competent field of professionals. As this professional learning community continues to grow we will develop and build capacity in the areas of curriculum and assessment development, item selection, and alignment to the Common Core State standards, as well as alignment to high-stakes assessment formats (CMT/CAPT). 

Districts can benefit from participating in the following ways:

  • Access to the CREC common assessments and item bank 
  • Shared best practices 
  • Collaborative time with fellow professionals 
  • Shared understanding of Common Core State Standards 
  • A team approach to rigorous curriculum design 
  • Development of authentic performance assessments and rubrics 
  • Data driven discussions 
  • Increased teacher leader capacity 
  • Cost efficiency

Teachers can access resources for CMT/CAPT and Common Core Resources by clicking the link below. You must have a userid and a password for access. Contact the Mathematics Department if you do not have access information.


CREC Assessment Consortium

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