Title I District Parent Advisory Council

Waterbury Public Schools (WPS) is committed to involving parents

in the success of their children.


Waterbury Title I District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)


Parent Involvement is more than a program:  It’s a process that builds and includes parents as partners in education for their children.  Whether helping their children to work independently on school work or serving as a member of a school or district decision making committee, parents are an important key to their children’s success.


Title I is the largest federal education-funding program.  It provides funding for high poverty schools in order to help students who are behind academically or who are at risk of falling behind. The Title I program recognizes the importance of family involvement and includes funding to encourage parents to participate in a meaningful way in their child’s education.


What we do

  • Provide opportunities for parents to participate in fun, educational activities with their children under the guidance of and encouragement of school professionals.
  • Share ideas with parents for parent/child learning activities in the home.
  • Inform the community of Waterbury Public School programs designed to strengthen parental involvement.
  • Assist district and school staff with developing parent involvement processes.
  • Collaborate with the community to provide opportunities for parents to become involved in the success of their children.


The shared responsibilities of a Title I District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) Member are:

  1. To assist in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of various components of the Title I program within the school district.
  2. To provide parental input on educational opportunities for Title I children.
  3. To act as a link between the DPAC and the schools.



Title I DPAC meetings are open to everyone.

Meetings are held every other month.

The times are flexible, with some meetings held at 12 noon, some at 6 P.M..

There are occasional Saturday activities.

Committee meetings will be held as needed.

For more information, please contact Gladys Johnson Wright at 203 574-8044.or email her at gwright@waterbury.k12.ct.us .

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