Nutmeg Bookclub

The Nutmeg Book Club of Connecticut was established in 1991 and modeled
after successful programs in 39 states. The goal of this program is to
encourage Connecticut children to read quality literature and choose their
favorite from a list of the ten nominated books.

Each year at Maloney, members of the Nutmeg Book Club meet once a week to
read and discuss the nominees and complete assignments on the readings.
These students also "talk up" the books with others, encouraging and
enticing their classmates to read the nominated titles. In April, book club
members and students in grades four and five vote for their favorite book.

It is exciting to participate in the vote, along with other Nutmeg Book Club
members across the state!

For more information on the Nutmeg Book Award and a list of the 2015 nominees
go to


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