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Links for Students:

Go here for very updated information about what you are learning in class RIGHT NOW!

KidsWeb Japan 
THE resource for information about Japan. Everything you need to know to know how you feel about classes, teachers, and what you have 
Japanese MONEY - Click on the blue words to see the different Japanese currency in use today. This site also tells you what metals the currency is 
made of and what design is printed on it. From the "Bank of Japan."
Japanese Writing Systems- It is all about HIRAGANA, KATAKANA, and KANJI.  
Learn more on our Google Site website when you click on "Reading and Writing" in Japanese.
Kids try to eat sushi!
View the video of kids try to eat sushi.
In japan, we eat a lot of raw fish and also octopus, salmon roe and sea urchin.
It is really fun to watch their reaction!

Kids Try Sushi | Kids Try | HiHo Kids 
The Sumo Wrestling National Grand Tournament Center.  
Browse this site to learn more about sumo (in English) and the KOKUGIKAN center.
Boston Children's Museum has a Japanese house inside it and exhibitions especially about Japan occasionally.
Mitsuwa Marketplace in New Jersey

Maruichi Japanese Food and Deli in West Hartford

Black ships started the relationship between Japan and the 1854. The festival happens in June/July every year.
Check it out for annual Cherry Blossom Festival at Brooklyn Botanic Garden!
The Japanese American National Museum has a lot of information on children's toys, games, and books. They are also available for purchase.

Japan Fes in New York

Event Informtaion:

Japan Festival in Boston 

Event information:



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