Why Learn A Foreign Language?

Why start in elementary school? Why learn Japanese?

Why is it important for children to learn languages in elementary school? Why 
learn Japanese?  These answers are also found on our FAQ page, but for more 
great information, follow these links...


Check out this great description of how students are learning to 
use technology through Maloney Japanese classes! Scroll down 
to "Little Japan."
Maloney in Edutopia Magazine!


Here is a fantastic list of all of the recent research articles 
on langauge learning. It is clickable by topic and it has 
summaries of the articles, so you can easily look through it.
What the research shows...


This is a good summary article on the benefits of early language 
learning. This would also be good if you wanted to start a 
program in another school. 
Benefits and Good Teaching 


This is the Center for Applied Linguistics' list of articles and 
websites to read about the benefits of being bilingual.
Center for Applied Linguistics - The Benefits of Being Bilingual


The Japan Foundation and Language Center has put together this 
one-stop resource to learn more about why Japanese is an 
important language and how you can get involved in your child's 
Why learn Japanese? Resources for parents
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