Program Philosophy

We want our students to:
1) love studying a foreign language
2) love learning Japanese
3) develop a range of skills necessary for becoming proficient in any
foreign language, such as looking for clues, interpreting words in context, and
dealing with “foreign" situations,
4) develop good communication skills for any situation, such as listening
5) feel comfortable speaking in Japanese, to native speakers, non-native
speakers, and their

6) have a sense of the concept of culture in general and the Japanese culture in particular.                                                                                                                  7)develop their knowledge of their own culture and language through
learning about another language
8) want to learn more about Japanese and Japanese people

We have to remember:
1) that our students are young children
2) that our students only learn Japanese three
times a week for 25 minutes
3) that any activity we create must be interesting and comprehensible for
our students

Therefore, we:
1) speak Japanese about 90% of the class time

2) establish a friendly, low-stress, yet disciplined classroom so that
everyone has a safe environment in which to learn

3) encourage students to use Japanese whenever possible
4) give our students hints if they have trouble remembering a word
5) create units that are age appropriate and fun, with a strong beginning, middle, and end (like a story!),                                                                                           

6) create lessons that incorporate language, culture, comparisons, and subject area content
7) introduce students to a variety of cultural games, items, crafts, songs, holidays,and customs                                                                                                  8) give students an opportunity to use what they learn outside the classroom, through homework challenges, take-home projects, and a comprehensive website.

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