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Kids Nifty
Here is that cool game website with the Hiragana Karuta.
Kids Nifty Game Site


GENKI Textbook Self Practice Website:


Japanese Verb Conjugations #1
Click here if you know meaning or the verb and you want Japanese and romaji answers.


Good Japanese-English, English-Japanese Online Dictionary. Shows Kanji and Hiragana (no Romaji).
Click here for online dictionary.


English-Japanese Dictionary with Romaji only for simple words.
Click here for romaji English-Japanese dictionary.


Hiragana Listening Quiz
Click here for the Clock Listening Quiz.


Hiragana Chart - Click to see the stroke order.



Erin YouTube Channel


Getting to Know Japanese Language and Culture YouTube:




Go here to learn about MEAL ETIQUETTE in Japan.


English Article about Kaiseki Ryori


Go here to learn all about 6th graders in Japan. Listen to their introductions, class description, and their school and 
teacher all in 


DEAI Website
These are the links to the seven high school students' messages and self-introductions..


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