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Keyboarding is an important skill for all students.  It involves using correct finger placement and building speed for optimal typing accuracy.  When students develop keyboarding proficiency, it becomes an aid to the improvement of their writing skills.  It is recommended that all students begin to learn correct placement of fingers on the keyboard as soon as they begin to use the computer.

This class requires students to set aside their old "hunt-and-peck" typing and texting habits and concentrate on building traditional 10-finger typing skills required by most employers in today's very competitive job market.  In this course, students will spend a significant amount of their time working on building and practicing true "touch typing" skills.  Students will be required to learn proper 10-finger typing techniques and use those techniques to type from reports and other documents with REQUIRED improvement in both speed and accuracy.

Again, the primary focus of this keyboarding class is teaching business-related typing skills.  In other words, being able to type with all 10 fingers while reading from notes and books and not having to look down at the keyboard. A student who is unable or unwilling to learn this 10-finger typing method should not expect a good grade in this course.

Microtype5 software provides comprehensive tutorials to develop keyboarding skills for beginners and for those who seek to improve their skills.  The software comes with features like Drill Practice, Textbook Keying, Timed Writings, and Skill Building.  Instructional lessons based on Speed or Accuracy are available, which enhances the user's proficiency significantly on repeated practice.  The presentations illustrate the keyboard activities, enabling the user to get familiarized with the keyboarding skills.  The lessons are highly interactive with the integration of games along with other activities. 


The Importance of Keyboarding

Improving keyboarding skills will be necessary for your future.  Upper level classes, college and or technical schools will expect reports, essays and other projects to be typed in a neat format.  Today, efficient keyboard and computer operation is a necessary skill for the majority of occupations.

Keyboarding is an expected tool for communication throughout one's life.  It is considered as important a skill as being able to print and write well.  With the widespread use of computers in schools and homes, students are becoming fluent computer users and it is important for them to learn proper keyboarding techniques early so that they do not develop bad habits that are very hard to break. 

There are a large number of computer users who claim their system of hunt-and-peck is as good as touch typing.  When tested, these individuals are often surprised to learn how inefficiently they type.  Touch typing allows you to key much faster and you do not tire as quickly.  This skill comes after the fingers have learned to operate the keys automatically with speed and a high level of accuracy.  The fingers move without hesitation when they know where to go.

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